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Metacom ensures remote sites are operational within 24 hours – Here’s how

Software-defined networking company Metacom specialises in providing high-reliability networks and the infrastructure to support it across the industrial, financial, and retail environments.

With their sincere passion and interest to connect people, machines, and computers, Metacom provides superior managed communication services across several last-mile connectivity options, such as GSM, satellite, ADSL, and fibre.

Driving their outstanding service is their customer-first approach, which the company has strategically integrated into its core values.

The Metacom Way

According to Réan van Niekerk, Metacom CEO, every company needs an ethos or strong work ethic, as it allows them to make accurate decisions that drive customer satisfaction.

Metacom’s ethos or business approach – which the company labels “The Metacom Way” – is to proactively focus on customers and service excellence.

According to van Niekerk, the key drivers behind this approach are their passion for technology and their love of excellent customer service.

“We believe that this differentiates us from our competitors in that we are not only suppliers to our customers, but their partners, and we work with them to ensure their businesses succeed,” said van Niekerk.

Guaranteed assistance within 24 hours

Metacom has seen countless companies at remote sites in need of an urgent response and connectivity, being left in despair by their previous suppliers as they are told they can only be assisted within several weeks. Metacom, on the other hand, offers guaranteed assistance within 24 hours.

According to van Niekerk, doing things ‘The Metacom Way’ means they leave no stone unturned to immediately assist their customers. “This is our primary function, and we will do whatever we can to make sure that our customers’ sites are operational within 24 hours,” said van Niekerk.

By putting customers first and making sure that whatever the company sets out to do is done in the shortest amount of time possible, they always reap the benefits of a happy customer.

To find out more about why Metacom is a connectivity supplier of choice, watch the video below.

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Metacom ensures remote sites are operational within 24 hours – Here’s how