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Gallagher offers unmatched service and quality

As we enter the second-half of the year, it’s once again time for a host of conferences, meetings, and functions to take place.

When choosing an events venue, clients need to determine which conference centre offers the best value for money and meets a combination of needs.

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration, of which location, technology, size, catering, personnel assistance, parking, and attention to detail are key. Above all, however, organisers need to identify the venue that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the ultimate success of the event.

Gallagher Convention Centre facilities and amenities

Gallagher Convention Centre, centrally located in Midrand, is South Africa’s premier multi-purpose event venue, and speaks to all of the above.

In the smaller venues Gallagher caters for 2-200 guests, in the medium venues Gallagher caters for 250-700 guests, and in the large venues up to 7,000 guests can be accommodated.

All Gallagher Convention Centre venues are serviced by a variety of amenities. This includes in-house catering, event coordination assistance, high-capacity parking, hygienic restrooms, security, and health and safety for any event.

Event coordinator

One of the distinguishing factors of Gallagher Convention Centre is that they also assign an event coordinator to each event, who essentially becomes an extension of the organising team.

The event coordinator compiles the floor plan and function sheet for each event and briefs the operations team on all the aspects of the event to ensure its success.

The benefit of this is that clients have one point of contact, which eliminates the possibility for miscommunication. The coordinator also facilitates the discussion between the client and the Gallagher Convention Centre suppliers.

Pre-qualified network of suppliers

Coordinated through their sales and coordination department, Gallagher’s pre-qualified supplier network can offer services such as logistics, freight handling and porterage, registration, printing, security, décor, and technical equipment for events.

The suppliers in their pre-qualified network are held to the highest standard, in line with the quality that their clients are accustomed to receiving from Gallagher Convention Centre.

“At Gallagher Convention Centre, we pride ourselves on our network of pre-qualified suppliers, vetted, and selected to guarantee superior service delivery to our event organisers,” said the company.


Gallagher Convention Centre offers high-quality catering for any event, with a variety of menu options to cater to any delegate’s need.


One of the contributing factors to Gallagher’s success is the ability to offer cutting-edge technology by means of on-site suppliers. The Gallagher Convention Centre AV (audio visual) suppliers can turn any event into an extravaganza.

Parking and security

At Gallagher, dedicated parking is readily available. Gallagher has the capacity to accommodate up to 5,000 cars and offers roaming security guards for these areas.

Health and safety

At Gallagher, the safety of all guests is the first priority.

Gallagher Convention Centre has their own internal health and safety and disaster management department and offers complete health and safety services for the entire event.

PCO network

Gallagher Convention Centre also now offers a network for Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs). The GCC PCO network was created to assist PCO companies in offering the best service, rates, and benefits to their clients.

The GCC PCO network allows Gallagher Convention Centre to reward PCOs for their business.

With Gallagher, organising a conference has never been easier. To book for an event, or to find out more, visit the Gallagher website.

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Gallagher offers unmatched service and quality