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Keeping pace with the modern customer

Customers’ expectations are higher than ever, and as millennials have gained buying power, they’re demanding ease, speed, and consistency – no matter how they choose to connect with companies.

For digital natives, the world has always had endless ways to connect, so it’s no surprise that millennials are reaching out to the contact centre from all directions – tweeting their initial frustrations, backed up by detailed emails demanding immediate action, and even frantic phone calls to speed the process further.

Nielsen’s Global Connected Commerce report describes the omnichannel experience as “the new retail reality.” Agents must be able to instantaneously connect all the dots to make sure their customer walks away happy, which is not an easy feat given the complexity of this digital age.

Poor service on even one channel is enough to drive a millennial straight to the competition. 83% of social media users have abandoned a purchase after poor customer service, according to ConverSocial’s The Definitive Guide to Social, Mobile Customer Service report.

Millennials are also rapidly filling the agent role, and as this new breed of agent supports the newest generation of customers, they expect all the necessary tools to satisfy even the most demanding tasks.

Instead of facing the problem head-on, companies have tried to adapt their aging software by simply bolting on new channels and software as needed – and the resulting contact centre has become a slow-moving monster, full of disjointed parts.

To find out exactly what is holding the contact centre back, companies need to dismantle the monster—tool by tool, process by process.

Stay ahead of the curve with a cloud-based contact centre

Industry-tailored digital solutions provider Genesys has released a new eBook outlining how to keep pace with the modern customer, which is now available for download.

Download the Genesys eBook here.

The eBook serves as a guideline to deliver seamless experiences across voice, web, email, social, and mobile, while empowering agents with the tools they need to fulfil the high expectations of millennial customers.

Staying ahead of the curve is as much about understanding the new customer as it is about leveraging a forward-thinking strategy and technology to match. As such, the eBook covers seamless multichannel blending, big data access, cloud deployment, and universal and bullseye routing – all aimed at improving the customer experience.

As quick as millennials are to complain on social media when they are disappointed or frustrated with a company, however, they aren’t shy about broadcasting their good experiences as well. It is imperative then that companies learn to focus on digitally meeting the millennial’s needs.

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Keeping pace with the modern customer