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South Africa’s first comfort adjustable mattress

Quality and firmness are important factors when choosing a mattress, considering the probability that it will be slept on for a good number of years and that a mattress can affect our health and posture.

However, with the massive amount of beds out there and their different, but very similar, features, customers are overwhelmed and left uncertain about whether the comfort level will be right for them.

Some try to test the bed for a few minutes in-store, but this doesn’t give a good sense of how comfortable the customer will really sleep on it at home.

For Sloom CEO Rudo Kemp, while in the retail industry and before starting his new company, selling beds was a big frustration for these very reasons.

After witnessing the industry pains, and watching the booming markets overseas, Kemp decided to make it his mission to understand every detail and composition of a bed, and find a way to simplify the mattress buying experience for customers.

Sloom mattress – the mattress-in-a-box

In 2015, Kemp started with the idea of incorporating different comfort layers within a single mattress, and in 2016 the South African mattress brand Sloom was established.

What started as a turn mattress with two different comfort levels – one on each side – later became a customisable mattress called Sloom Original with four different levels, each layer contributing to the firmness of the mattress.

The flagship mattress, which is packed in an easy-to-handle box, takes the hassle out of choosing a bed, as it allows customers to change the firmness level of their mattress in the comfort of their home.

According to Kemp, Sloom Original is far superior to any other mattress in the same price range, because of its versatility.

The four different customisable layers – firm, medium firm, medium, and soft – inside the mattress can be rearranged according to firmness preference. For example, those who prefer a soft comfort surface can place the foam layer marked as “soft” facing upwards. The sequence of the foam underneath is insignificant.

Another advantage for Sloom customers is that the two sides of the Queen and King-sized Sloom mattresses can be split and flipped independently, so each person can choose their own level of comfort – eliminating arguments about which bed to choose.

The bed-in-a-box concept, however, isn’t new, as the industry booms overseas with brands like Casper and Leesa revolutionising the bed industry. In South Africa, however, the bed industry has stagnated with little to no innovation.

“Sloom is not only one of the first mattress-in-a-box brands, but we are also a locally-manufactured, proudly South African brand, with a unique design that allows clients to perfect their comfort preference at home,” said Kemp.

Other Sloom mattress features

The Sloom mattress is 100% made in South Africa and comes with a 20-year service warranty.

Made from premium-quality foam, the Sloom mattress is durable and can effectively hold individuals weighing up to 150kg on most modern bases.

Acceptable foundations include solid wood platforms, slated bases with slats no less than 5cm in width, and gaps no more than 8cm apart, as well as other adjustable bases.

Occurrences where a base would be unacceptable is if the foundation can’t keep the mattress level while laying on it.

Test the mattress with Sloom’s 100-night trial

With Sloom, customers can try out the mattress for 100 nights at home, risk free – far better than the 15-minute test you will get in a mattress store.

Sloom’s 100-night trial allows customers to test and determine whether the mattress is what they’re looking for. “We guarantee comfort and if a client is not satisfied within their 100-night trial, a free return and pick up will be arranged,” said Kemp.

Sloom also offers a compatible Sloom base, and Sloom pillows made from premium memory foam chips for soft support in a luxurious knitted cover.

For more information, or to order, visit the Sloom website. Delivery is free of charge, and orders ship in 3-5 days.

This article was published in partnership with Afrisleep.

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South Africa’s first comfort adjustable mattress