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How redPanda Software uses big data to improve customer experiences

Retail enterprise software specialist redPanda Software is leveraging big data to enable traditional retailers to improve customer experiences, increase brand loyalty, and effectively compete with eCommerce sites.

“Capturing the data from the customers and the experiences they have in the store or with your brand is vital in terms of analysing their behaviour,” says Quentin Barnard, redPanda Software Chief Technology Officer. “Unhappy customers will simply go shop somewhere else, but redPanda Software’s solutions enable retailers to improve in-store experiences and increase brand loyalty for their customers.”

It is imperative that businesses analyse data and measure how effectively they are engaging with customers, adds Leon Coetzer, redPanda Software UK Chief Executive Officer. “But the amount of data that is being produced, a lot of which is unstructured and is sourced from all channels within your organisation, typically requires data scientists to make sense of it.

redPanda Software, however, has developed solutions to help retailers unlock that value.”

In the following video, Coetzer and Barnard explain how redPanda Software uses big data in its Connected Solution to put power into retailers’ hands.

For more information, visit the redPanda Software website.

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How redPanda Software uses big data to improve customer experiences