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Businesses need a large storage space and affordability of a mechanical hard drive but expect the speed of a more solid-state drive (SSD).

What can we offer that provides this perfect mix of speed, size and affordability?

Enter Intel Optane Memory

Intel Optane Memory is a system accelerator solution that performs as well as an SSD at the affordability of an HDD.

In a standard notebook when you access a file the processor needs to check to see if that file is stored in DRAM, if it isn’t then this data needs to be pulled from the mechanical hard drive, the CPU then stores the application and loads it in RAM.

This isn’t as fast as using Intel Optane Memory. DRAM is volatile, this means that when you power off your Notebook DRAM forgets what was loaded onto it and the whole process starts over again the next time you access your data.

In a Notebook with Intel Optane Memory, this non-volatile memory solution learns the programs and data you access frequently and stores this data closer to the processor so it can be accessed quickly without having to be pulled from the mechanical hard drive.

This gives your business the ability to launch applications faster and have increased system performance.

In addition, Intel Optane Memory is non-volatile, this means its takes the programs and data you use the most and remembers them after the notebook is powered off.

See how this revolutionary new system accelerator can become your business accelerator. Start using Intel Optane Memory powered devices today!

This article was published in partnership with Intel.

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Accelerating your business