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Choosing the right technology provider in the 4th Industrial Revolution

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, choosing the right technology provider is critical, as the technology businesses deploy affect all their operations and their bottom line.

A technology provider can, therefore, either set a business up for success and drive growth, or restrain a business and set it up for failure.

What makes an IT provider ‘the right one’?

To choose the right provider and set themselves up for success, customers need to identify which technology providers will offer them the best value for their business.

Merited IT providers can be defined by the following capabilities:

  • Scalability: IT providers who are skilled, experienced, and on the forefront of technology can adapt to customer demands and changes in the industry, and offer clients fast turnaround times.
  • Internal management: IT providers with experienced consultancy teams and a proven track record are often the IT providers of choice, as they can efficiently assist clients to maximise their operational capacity and scale to ever-changing process improvements.
  • Support: IT providers who engage with their customers regularly know which pains and problems they are experiencing, and can effectively address all their IT needs.

Why buy from Innovo Networks

Innovo Networks, a high-touch business focused on communication, connectivity, cybersecurity and cloud, possesses all the required capabilities of a standout IT provider.

The company offers solutions that are individually designed to meet the specific business requirements of each client, and helps businesses choose the best-of-breed products for minimum downtime and maximised operational efficiency – affordably.

The vision of the company is to be a leading managed service provider helping small businesses expand and grow. “Our mission is to positively influence the lives of stakeholders, partners, and employees through service excellence, education, and bold innovation in Africa,” said Innovo Networks.

With a dedicated team, the company offers quick turnaround and response times, leaving no call unanswered or delayed.  As an added service, Innovo Networks also shares monthly reports with their customers, providing transparency and insight into system efficiency and performance.

“We want our customer experience to be quick, easy, efficient, and simple – and offer one-page contracts that guarantee SLA with 99% uptime,” said Innovo Networks.

And with their certified ISO 9001 qualification and recent-implemented ITIL processes, Innovo Networks offers improved internal management so customers can rest assured that they will receive quality, efficiency, and confidentiality.

To set your business up for success, or for more information, visit the Innovo Networks website.

This article was published in partnership with Innovo Networks.

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Choosing the right technology provider in the 4th Industrial Revolution