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Challenging the status quo in a saturated telecoms industry

Fixed Mobile Telecoms is a newly founded telecoms provider, founded and headed up by CEO, Eduard du Plessis aka “The Disrupter”. Ed and his team, Rikus Jansen aka “The Innovator” and Alex Dunwoodie aka “The Operator” are known for shaking things up, disrupting the industry, and changing perceptions.

Since 1997 when they brought the first satellite internet to the industry, to turning all the rules upside down and changing the way in which smaller ISPs procured networks in 2009, empowering these ISPs to compete head-on with the larger providers.

This same team has now, in 2018, decided it was time to shake things up and disrupt the status quo, once again, by breaking the ISP mould with a LEGO-type modular model – allowing them to build completely different and customised solutions for each customer, based on the same underlying standardised network and practices.

This disruption, necessitated from the decline in true innovation, is not disruption with the purpose to destroy, but rather disruption with the purpose to create something new, more efficient and worthwhile.

“The decline in true innovation happens as large companies grow and acquire entrepreneurial and innovative smaller companies.  In such event, objectives become focused on profits, financial growth, and own shareholder value, while customer satisfaction and addressing true customer needs take a back seat. When this happens, their value to customers wavers, as they no longer deliver for the customer but for their own gain.  At best the offering will comply, but it is seldom that it will move the industry forward.  In the age of the customer, it is not good enough to drive the same old strategies anymore or aim to just reach bigger targets every year.  As more telecom providers saturate the industry year on year, providers need to shift back from focusing on what they like to offer, and refocus on what customers want – as relating to customers is what it’s all about.” said du Plessis

Customer obsession, disruption, and innovation

Every other organisation likes to throw the term “customer-centricity” around, but for Ed, it’s a whole different ball game.

For Fixed Mobile Telecoms, selling products and services is not the primary goal. Instead, solving business problems and offering an experience customers crave for and thrive on is the aim.

Many organisations make the mistake of focusing on what they have to offer, instead of paying attention to possibilities of what they can be. True competitors also aren’t necessarily big industry leaders, but the innovative companies that come in from the blind spot and the ones who create the waves instead of riding them.

“At Fixed Mobile Telecoms, we challenge the status quo because we don’t just accept what is being offered in the market. We continuously look for ways to disrupt the industry and delight our customers and prospective customers. And, what makes us a true competitor is that we are obsessed with innovation which amazes and creates desire,” said Du Plessis.

Fixed Mobile Telecom’s universal theme throughout is customer obsession, disruption, and innovation. The primary difference between it and other providers, however, is that they don’t disrupt just for the sake of disrupting, but to create value for their customers.

They challenge how things are done in the industry and approach things in new ways, always keeping the customer at the centre of it all.

During a customer’s initial visit, Fixed Mobile Telecoms spends a lot of time understanding their strategic direction, how the business’s current environment looks, and establishes their needs and identifies their pain-points.

However, if there is no pain, customers shouldn’t be surprised to hear the response: “Well you clearly have this environment under control, there is nothing for us to do here”.

And it’s not too good to be true, said Du Plessis. For Fixed Mobile Telecoms it’s quite simple – it’s about getting the basics right and being disciplined in all that they do. This includes detailed note-taking and documentation – which ensures there is always an up-to-date network diagram – and comprehensive proposals that details their understanding of customer needs.

Fixed Mobile Telecoms effectively covers each customer’s unique requirements, and details how the their solution would address customers’ respective business needs.

“We also understand that customers may change at any time, which is why being flexible is at the heart of our values. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and there are no fixed contract terms when it comes to bandwidth for access services like Internet MPLS/VPN, and Layer 2,” said Du Plessis.

“We do what we do because we are passionate, and have fun doing it! Our passion and positivity are contagious, and anyone who chooses to partner with us will see it, feel it, and love it. So essentially, we sell personal relationships built on trust and an experience,” added Du Plessis.

Take a look at the Fixed Mobile Telecoms website to get a feel for the experience Fixed Mobile will offer you – it’s different, and fun!

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Challenging the status quo in a saturated telecoms industry