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Faircom reliable and affordable fibre

Faircom have been operating in the commercial fibre space in and around the greater Cape Town region since 2009. Today, through their own backbone network boosted by leading internet carriers, Faircom have access to the infrastructure and expertise needed to connect residential cluster developments and apartment blocks, as well as business parks.

The finer details

Faircom provides access over many Open-access Networks, including Internect (their own backbone network), Openserve, Frogfoot and Octotel.

Full redundancy is achieved through points of presence at Teraco Cape Town and Internet Solutions. The lowest latency and fastest speeds are achieved by peering at Teraco Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as the Cape Town and London Internet Exchanges.

Their international capacity goes primarily via the West Africa Cable System (WACS) and towards the east via the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy).

Benefits of Faircom Fibre To the Home (FTTH) packages

  • Reliable and consistent connection
  • Ultra-fast, unthrottled and unshaped
  • Free installation on 12 month contracts

Faircom provides FTTH access over:

Open-access Network Priced from Example
Internect R450 p/m 10Mbps down / 10Mbps up @ R450 p/m
Openserve R679 p/m 4Mbps down / 2Mbps up @ R679 p/m
Frogfoot R799 p/m 50Mbps down / 50Mbps up @ R850 p/m
Octotel R899 p/m 100Mbps down / 25Mbps up @ R899 p/m

Find out more about Faircom’s FTTH packages, here.

Benefits of Faircom Fibre To the Business (FTTB) packages

  • Reduce costs by combining data, voice, video and IP-based products
  • Experience a lower contention ratio for international bandwidth
  • Priority and after hours support
  • No shaping or throttling
  • Perfect for VOIP and other business protocols
  • Fixed IP addresses
  • Synchronous bandwidth

Faircom provides FTTB access over:

Internect from R2,400 per month (on an Active fibre network)

Octotel from R875 per month (on a GPON network)

Our Commercial clients over Internect have a dedicated fibre pair. We only run an active fibre network and don’t use a GPON solution, primarily because on a GPON network the fibre can be split up to 128 times, i.e. there’s no guarantee of speeds as the bandwidth isn’t dedicated.

Find out more about Faircom’s FTTB packages, here.

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Faircom reliable and affordable fibre