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The impressive features of Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs

Samsung’s 2018 line-up of QLED TVs include its most impressive displays to date, featuring unprecedented colour and picture quality.

The manufacturer leverages its Quantum Dot LED (QLED) technology to construct ultra-thin displays which maintain the highest levels of brightness and resolution.

Samsung’s QLED range features a variety of display sizes and configurations, with the top-of-the-range Q9F leading the way with its 88-inch panel.

All of Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs boast 4K resolutions, smart operating systems, and the cutting-edge Quantum Dot technology.

We have listed some of the best features of Samsung’s new 2018 QLED TVs below.

Crystal-clear picture

Pairing a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 with a large QLED panel delivers exceptional picture quality which is unmatched by standard TVs.

This is true for QLED 2018 displays across all sizes, and the company’s innovative backlight technology produces an unmatched colour experience.

Samsung’s QLED 2018 TVs can deliver over one billion colours, boasting a colour volume of 100%.

Samsung QLED Crystal Clear picture

HDR and Ultra Black

Samsung has incorporated Ultra Black technology and HDR support into its QLED 2018 range, delivering exceptional contrast.

HDR – high dynamic range – brings out every detail in a scene, regardless of whether it is shot in a bright or dark area.

The company’s Ultra Black technology then removes reflections on your TV screen throughout the day, allowing you to watch at any time without compromising your viewing experience.

Samsung 2018 QLED HDR

Ambient Mode

Samsung’s new Ambient Mode is an impressive piece of technology which turns your QLED TV into a central part of your home decor.

If you choose to wall-mount your new QLED TV, you can set the screen to mirror the texture of the wall behind it when it is off.

This allows the TV to seamlessly blend into your living room, and it can also be set to play light background music or display custom content – such as useful information and photos.

Samsung 2018 QLED Ambient


Samsung’s QLED 2018 TVs include support for the company’s SmartThings IoT platform, which allows you to connect smart devices around your home to your TV.

This allows you to use devices like your smart speaker or smartphone to control the functionality of your TV and other devices.

You can also use SmartThings to set behaviour patterns for your Samsung QLED TV, such as turning on automatically when you arrive home or switching off when you leave.

Samsung 2018 QLED SmartThings

One Remote

With Samsung’s QLED 2018 TVs, you don’t have to waste time fumbling around for remotes.

The device features a single, sleek remote which is connected to your TV and other Samsung smart devices, allowing you to easily find and control connected devices through a single interface.

You can find out more about Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs by visiting the company’s website.

Samsung 2018 QLED One Remote

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The impressive features of Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs