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The new IBM Power 9 – The best server for enterprise AI

Tectight, an IBM business partner, brings you the new IBM Power 9 server which is built to crush the most advanced data applications.

IBM’s Power Systems are ranked number 1 in every major reliability category by ITIC, which rates server hardware and server OS reliability, thus delivering the most reliable on-premises infrastructure to meet around-the-clock customer demands.

With the IBM Power 9, clients can take advantage of superior core performance and memory bandwidth to deliver both performance and price-performance advantages.

“By updating your foundation with the latest Power 9-based servers, you can effectively run your mission critical requirements alongside modern, data intensive workloads,” Tectight explained.

“Power 9 gives you the reliability you’ve come to trust from IBM Power Systems, the security you need in today’s high-risk environment, and the innovation to propel your business into the future.”

Benefits of the Power 9 servers include:

  • Increased performance and value – 1.5x performance improvement and 2x more memory vs. Power 8.1, 1.8x more memory bandwidth per socket and up to 57% lower solution cost vs. x86.
  • Industry-leading reliability – IBM servers deliver the highest reliability in the industry.
  • Security for mission critical data – IBM Power 9 servers are delivered secure with pre-loaded firmware and operating system security patches.
  • Enhanced cloud capabilities – With PowerVM virtualization built in, users can establish a secure and reliable private cloud as part of a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Future-forward AI capabilities – Power 9 connects to Watson, enabling companies to take advantage of AI tools and capabilities.

For more information about the IBM Power 9 servers, click here.

This article was published in partnership with Techtight.

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The new IBM Power 9 – The best server for enterprise AI