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Curiosity killed the accountant and created an advisor

The most successful accountants are those who approach the world as a child would. They’re curious about their surroundings, ask questions, and adapt quickly and easily to change.

This mindset not only makes them better accountants but also helps them to understand and keep track of their clients’ industries, as well as global trends.

Yet, the majority of accountants today lack the confidence to adopt this mindset shift, preventing them from becoming the trusted advisors their clients desperately need. As a result, they undersell themselves and risk becoming redundant, as technology advancements make it easier for anyone to crunch the numbers.

Listen to the Sage #NextGenAccounting podcast featuring Brandon Rajah, director of Trailblazers Accountants and Northern Region Chair of the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA), to find out more.

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Curiosity killed the accountant and created an advisor