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The Henson Group, with Azure powered by First Distribution, is offering a first of its kind – a free Azure migration solution to existing and new customers in South Africa and Africa.

This will immediately enhance the business case for a move to the cloud by reducing upfront costs to migrate from on-premise infrastructure.

About Henson Group

As a gold Microsoft partner with offices in South Africa, Kenya, USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, India, and Australia, the Henson Group also offers free, 24/7/365 support along with Microsoft Premier Support to all their Cloud Service Provider (CSP) customers around the globe.

“Our core focus is Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365, and we offer free support for all workloads in the cloud. While there is a charge for on-premise support, we charge an hourly rate with no minimum hours or upfront payments,” said Casper Swanepoel, GM of Africa for Henson Group.

For on-premise support, you also won’t need to increase your existing contract with Microsoft to cover your cloud workloads, as the Henson Group provides this for free. There are no long-term commitments and all engagements are on a month to month basis.

The company is a premier South African provider of Microsoft licensing, managed services, and consulting with over 15 years of experience, and boasts an experienced team of mostly ex-Microsoft employees.

Migration to Azure with assistance from a highly-trained team

“We have an extremely strong technical team comprising of more than 65 Azure-certified engineers and all work is done remotely by this competent team,” said David Wright, SVP for Henson Group.

Given that most of their architects, engineers, and developers formerly worked at Microsoft, Henson Group have relationships with Microsoft product groups and executives that give them access to programs and product knowledge not generally available to their competitors. “Because of this, we have won many awards and have hundreds of clients worldwide,” said Greg Henson, CEO at Henson Group.

Their migration practice helps customers migrate from on-premise VMware/Hyper-V, Colo such as Rackspace, or other clouds like AWS, to a Microsoft Azure Datacentre or Azure Stack. This team also helps clients migrate existing workloads in Azure IaaS to Azure PaaS including IoT, Data Factory, PowerBI, ML, Cosmos DB, AI, and Data Lake.

The 6 step Azure migration process

For Henson Group, the migration process is simple. These are the steps followed:

  1. Henson Group discovers and identify on-premise VMs and app dependencies.
  2. Once identified, they map dependencies across applications and decide over priority for cloud migration or remediation and present the migration plan.
  3. The remediation team assists with resolving mitigation issues.
  4. Henson Group then moves your apps, data, and infrastructure confidently using proven methodology and tools while minimizing downtime and risk.
  5. Once in the cloud, they quickly adjust and optimise cloud resources based on utilisation.
  6. Finally, they provide full documentation and knowledge transfer to clients or transition your environment to their 24/7/365 monitoring and administration team.

With the Microsoft Datacentre launch scheduled before the end of the year, this offer provides a great opportunity for businesses in South Africa and other African countries to transition to the cloud.

Why Choose Henson Group?

Henson Group (HG) is an award-winning “Gold Certified Partner” focused on the deployment of Microsoft technologies for U.S. and international companies. Key distinctions differentiating HG from competitors include:

1. Former Microsoft engineers

Henson Group hires former Microsoft engineers and consultants with extensive project and vertical experience. HG carefully categorizes its various levels of consulting professionals (i.e. Architectural Consultant, Principal Consultant, Senior Consultant, etc. ) based on mandatory levels of industry, product, and project experience.

2. Access to Microsoft

In addition to the personal relationships we maintain with Redmond, HG’s executives maintain an exclusive level of access to Microsoft Product Group developers, as well as Microsoft’s upper management and funding programs.

3. Multiple Microsoft competencies

HG possesses several solutions competencies, official Microsoft endorsements only achieved through Microsoft based on client references, project experience, and product certifications.

4. Award-winning Microsoft Gold certified partner status

HG enjoys privileged access to exclusive Microsoft resources, such as the ability to open Premier Support Cases (at no cost to the client), participation in Beta testing, and TAP and RDP subsidy programs to help fund clients’ projects.

5. Focus on client’s goals

Drawing upon over a decade of experience, Henson Group has amassed a wealth of intellectual property, code snippets, and solutions we can apply and leverage for clients to reduce the time to deploy solutions.

From evaluation and planning through deployment and customization, each stage of a deployment is tied directly to the client’s technology and business objectives, ensuring both the success of the project and enhancing the reputation of the client’s IT managers.

For more information, visit the Henson Group website.

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