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Metacom’s next generation of products trending in the industry

According to Réan van Niekerk, Metacom CEO, software-defined networking, Internet of Things (IoT), facial recognition, and retail analytics are among the many sectors trending in the technology space.

A key mention is software-defined networking, which according to the IDC is said to grow at an estimated 69% compound annual growth rate, hitting $8.05 billion in 2021.

Considering the rapid rate at which SD-WAN is being adopted, SD-WAN solution providers are saturating the market and need to set themselves apart from their competition.

Metacom’s SD-WAN solution

According to Van Niekerk, Metacom’s SD-WAN implementation is unique in that they have the inhouse expertise to offer all the hardware, software and networking infrastructure – providing unprecedented control of the entire network solution.

Being a networking company that specialises in software-defined networking, Metacom implements several products and solutions which run on their networks, including internet video, internet radio, managed Wi-Fi hotspots, Internet of Things (IoT), and a host of other specialised services.

Several of the products that Metacom is currently developing include the more traditional applications in IoT, with concepts like interfacing with alarm systems or temperature monitoring, and on-and-off in-store solutions, such as advertising displays, lighting, etc.

Metacom is also developing products aimed at retail analytics, taking into account the importance of understanding the customers and their behaviour.

These solutions include heat mapping, and using beacons and facial recognition to understand people’s expressions and to know where they are in a store. This provides an indication of what they are buying, which contributes to determining how to more accurately target marketing campaigns at customers.

Metacom is driven by their passion for technology and believes that their ethos combined with a significant spend on research and development, as well as aligning their thinking with their own customers, allows them to stay at the forefront of technology in the industry.

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Metacom’s next generation of products trending in the industry