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Otto Wireless Solutions exhibiting at MyBroadband Conference

Otto Wireless Solutions is a Randburg-based, predominantly industrial hardware connectivity supplier, who has quietly been asserting themselves as the largest supplier of, amongst other things, HSPA and LTE antennas, and also Industrial LTE / WIFI routers.

Over the course of 8 years, they have grown from being a specialist supplier of SIMcom GSM / HSPA / LTE modules, to becoming a more “mainstream” hardware connectivity supplier, usually acting as the quiet but effective force behind a number of larger corporate service providers.

Although SIMCom still features prominently in terms of their brand offering, as it services the local industrial electronics design industry, and in particular, is perfect for customers in the security space, the company itself has grown through selective additions to their hardware offering over the years.

Chief amongst the product offering, and featuring prominently at this year’s MyBroadband conference, will be their extensive range of W-Link wireless routers and modems. The product offering is extensive from a hardware perspective, and the overall offering is enhanced by the addition of a free management backend platform, allowing customers to manage and monitor the hardware from anywhere in the world, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity is provided.

Late last year, Otto Wireless Solutions launched their range of high performance, outdoor LTE antennas, aptly named Ottennas. These products feature prominently on their youtube channel, and have become the staple go-to-product for clients who are looking for attractively priced, value for money, reliable outdoor antennas.

The addition of the Ubiquiti range of products which they now sub-distribute, was a natural path for the company to follow, on the back of their main line of products being used in environments where wide area WiFi coverage is often required.

Earlier this year, Otto Wireless Solutions launched a range of ICASA approved GSM Boosters, which is also featured prominently on their youtube channel. With the uptick in wireless demand, such a product range also provides a niche solution for both industrial and commercial customers.

Looking to the future, although they currently support LoRa technology through niche LoRa modules, Otto Wireless Solutions expects to be launching the LorixOne outdoor and indoor LoRa WAN gateways in the near future, and will also be showcasing this product at the convention.

The full product offering will be rounded off by displaying their more “standard” products, such as rugged vandal-resistant antennas, modules, local RF cabling capabilities, RF Connectors, and commercial products (which are also compatible with Ottennas).

For more information, or to meet the team, visit their stand during the MyBroadband conference.

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Otto Wireless Solutions exhibiting at MyBroadband Conference