The great alternative to the SA Post Office

The South African Post Office (SAPO) has very poor service levels, which include slow delivery times, lost packages, website downtime, and poor communication with clients.

The Post Office’s pathetic service was confirmed by a recent real-world experiment by MyBroadband.

In this test, MyBroadband sent letters from across South Africa to the Lyttelton Post Office, and we tracked how long these letters took to arrive.

Fastmail letters, which are supposed to be delivered within days, took between one and three weeks to arrive.

The situation with ordinary mail was even worse. Only half of the letters arrived within a month, and the rest are still trickling in two months after they were sent.

After publishing articles about the Post Office test, MyBroadband received numerous complaints from readers about lost packages and very slow delivery times.

Many of the packages were linked to ecommerce purchases, where users had to wait for weeks for delivery.

Lost packages were a particularly big problem, and without tracking and good communication from the Post Office users were left in the dark.

A great alternative for ecommerce businesses

One of the industries which are the hardest hit by the Post Office’s poor service levels is online shopping.

Good news is that there is a great alternative for ecommerce businesses in South Africa – Pargo.

Pargo is a smart logistics company that offers an alternative to the Post Office by allowing people to send and receive parcels at thousands of Pargo pick-up points throughout the country.

Pargo has pick-up points in almost every town in South Africa, which completely removes the need to use the Post Office.

For added convenience and ease-of-mind, Pargo tracks deliveries to a customer’s nearest pick-up point and notifies them when they are ready for collection. Through its advanced tracking system, Pargo makes sure there are no missed deliveries, delays, or disappointments.

What makes the service particularly suitable for ecommerce businesses is its ease-of-integration into existing online shops.

Ecommerce businesses can simply add the Pargo option to their check-out page by installing the company’s free plug-in.

With service guarantees and an average delivery time of between 2 and 5 days across South Africa, Pargo is a perfect solution for anyone looking for an alternative to the SA Post Office.

For more information about Pargo, please visit: Pargo Website

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The great alternative to the SA Post Office