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Connect anything, anywhere, all the time

One of the hottest technology topics over the last 18 months has been something called the Internet of Things, or IoT for short.

If you ask different people what IoT actually is and how it works, chances are most of them will give you different answers, which confuses you even more!

Well think about it this way. Have you ever wished there was a simpler way of tracking or automating certain processes or services that you’d traditionally have to do manually?

Something that could integrate with the software or programs you use without having to manually type or copy/paste from your logs?

For this to happen you would need your devices,or “things’, to be connected to a network in order to communicate these readings and accept instructions remotely. If there was a solution out there, wouldn’t it cost you a fortune? Definitely not – MiRO found the perfect answer: Teltonika.

Teltonika offers clients a simple and affordable IoT connectivity solution that will open a whole world of possibilities that you’ve never even thought of, all using an infrastructure that’s already in place and accessible in almost 100% of South Africa – the existing 3G/LTE networks.

Connecting anything

With Teltonika’s range of products you can connect anything with an ethernet, digital input/output or serial interface. The basic idea is that you can now connect devices to an IP network using 3G/LTE as the wireless connectivity medium and accessing and aggregating these devices by means of a private APN.

The central management software makes it easy to keep track of all your devices and enables quick and easy management from anywhere in the world.

Connect anywhere

In South Africa we are spoiled with world-class 3G and LTE networks spanning all corners of the country.

The Teltonika industrial grade IoT over 3G/LTE solutions make it possible to use the existing 3G and LTE networks to get connectivity to IP networks, sensors or other devices virtually anywhere in the country – no private network infrastructure required.

Stay connected all the time

Teltonika’s products are made to industrial standards, maximising uptime and reliability. No more frequent rebooting and intervention required as with the consumer grade 3G/LTE solutions we all have grown accustomed to – it just works!

Another great feature to keep you connected all the time, is the dual-sim failover function for when one carrier network goes down, you will automatically fail-over to the secondary network. Also great for mobile applications where you might have to alternate between mobile networks as the vehicle moves between coverage areas.

Typical Applications include

Too many possibilities going through your mind and not sure where to start implementing Teltonika in your business? See below for a few application examples:

  • Payment systems: Perfect for applications in energy, digital signage and mobile payment systems.
  • Voice Failover: Perfect for LTE failover for your Voice-over-IP system. If your main broadband connection fails, Teltonika will keep your voice system functional with the LTE failover function.
  • Building and security systems: Perfect to connect heating and cooling systems, lift automation and CCTV systems.
  • Highsite Failover: Every wireless ISP needs Teltonika on their highsites. The Teltonika unit will alert you in the event of network failure and even allow you to remotely troubleshoot.
  • Mission critical networks: No reason to ever be offline. Keep all your mission critical networks connected with Teltonika’s auto-failover and failback function.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi and Tracking: You can now get fast, stable and reliable internet connection in every vehicle in your fleet. With addition of GPS support you have accurate vehicle tracking capabilities as well.

Simpler than you think

If that wasn’t enough to convince you that IoT is finally within reach, then Teltonika’s RUT OS unified Operating System will seal the deal. This system offers an excellent user experience allowing you access to all your Teltonika devices via an intuitive interface.

Save on expensive training while implementing new devices and migrating between different devices and platforms. Lastly the system is open source, which means that you can change and adopt RUT OS in order to get the most out of each and every Teltonika device!

This article was published in partnership with MiRO.

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Connect anything, anywhere, all the time