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More money: NSN empowers you to build whole new revenue streams from your customers

We work with each of our partners everyday to create bespoke solutions that ensure our partners win new business. Our support team is on-hand to assist with field sale support, customer queries and technical enquires.

What a typical NSN deal looks like

Typically our partners focusing on selling:

  • Connectivity
  • Hosted Telephony: iPBX
  • Managed Services (firewall and Wi-Fi)
  • SD WAN: Software Defined Wide Area Networks

Our product suite is underpinned by the latest technology and our award-winning support team. First class technicians are always on hand to provide technical knowledge and sales support. To date this year we have paid our partners well in excess of R1,000,000 in commission. We always on the hunt for new business partners to join the NSN team

What technology you get access to as a NSN partner

We aggregate SA wide services from 30 different suppliers throughout the country enabling us to offer services ranging from:

  • LTE
  • ADSL
  • Microwave
  • Retail Fibre
  • Business Fibre
  • Hosted PABX
  • Sip Trunks
  • SD Wan
  • Inbound numbering (0800/087 numbers)
  • Managed Wi-Fi

What’s hot this month?

SD-WAN and Managed Firewalls

Using next generation software defined cloud managed fire-walls we can deploy countrywide (and international networks) for your customers, using the plethora of last mile carriers available and bundling them together with the latest firewall technology we can create advanced networks, linking all your customers branches together. Once our next generation firewalls are connected we can have advanced insight to the customers network and control things like:

  • bandwidth limitations on certain devices
  • create profiles for mobile phones and tablets
  • separate networks for their phones
  • inhibit access to social media sites
  • stop file sharing
  • see usage per user and shape the traffic to make sure the customer always has the required bandwidth to run their business
  • Using a secondary connection medium like LTE or Microwave means that in the event of the primary link going down or carrier having a network issue the firewall will automatically fail over to the redundant link. This ensures the customer has close to their 100% required up time

Managed Wi-Fi

A badly designed Wi-Fi network is one of the primary reasons for poor internet delivery. With Wi-Fi enabled devices controlling more of the modern network we have focused on creating the best Managed Wi-Fi service in the industry!

We have our own cloud managed service that gives us the ability to see:

  • Which access points are connected or dropped connection.
  • Optimise Wi-Fi channel optimization across multiple sites.
  • See busy/dead spots and optimize with extra access points.
  • See usage per access point and device.
  • Mesh access points together, created mesh networks for hard to reach areas where it is not possible to cable.
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi suitable for places like schools, caravan sites and outdoor meeting areas.
  • Multiple SSID’s and VLAN’s can be created for managed offices.
  • Active reporting for outages.
  • Tied in with our managed firewall service create free Wi-Fi areas for customers but restrict bandwidth.
  • Captive portals for capturing information in free Wi-Fi areas like coffee shops.
  • Traffic shaping, when offering free Wi-Fi control what users can access and how much bandwidth they can use.
  • Guest Wi-Fi: making sure guests do not have access to your sensitive data and are segregated from your network.

Best of all, as an NSN partner you will benefit from every cent of margin yielded from all of these managed services.

If you are interested in our partner program please email [email protected] or call Nick Shraga on 010 880 2081. We can start delivering value into your business today!

This article was published in partnership with New Star Networks.

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More money: NSN empowers you to build whole new revenue streams from your customers