South Africa’s connected future

Openserve, which is the lead sponsor at the MyBroadband Conference & Expo 2018 to be held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand on the 18th November 2018, spoke to MyBroadband about connectivity’s ever-increasing role in the emergence and deployment of new platforms that will soon become commonplace in our everyday lives.

According to Althon Beukes, Openserve Chief Commercial Officer, for South Africa world-class connectivity is imperative to create an even playing field with leading globally connected countries.

In addition, local capabilities such as e-Government, across the health, education, security, agriculture, municipal management and other sectors, will play a major role in delivering efficiency and efficacy into the system and streamlining the processes and parameters required to allow us as a country to grow and compete in a hyper-connected world.

“Openserve takes a forward-thinking approach to enable future-focused technologies to not only be viable, but to thrive within the South African environment by future-proofing the country’s infrastructure through building capabilities that can handle the ever-increasing data volumes,” says Beukes.

Speaking to Openserve’s current readiness for a significant and continued role in the shaping of the South African broadband landscape, Beukes says, “Our existing capabilities, like our IP enabled optical core and transmission offering, facilitate the transport of data in highly efficient ways. Openserve’s extensive aggregation network brings together and grooms access technologies to enable the data to get onto the fibre superhighway.

“A wide range of access technologies such as satellite, fibre, 3G and 4G cover all the bases in terms of connecting and utilising the opportunities that the connected future offers. We make it our mission to avail this to all South Africans, regardless of their preference, affordability and current technological competency,” says Beukes.

According to Beukes, the digital future and connectivity are inextricably linked and form two sides of the same coin. For South Africa, the future looks extremely bright, as – through Openserve infrastructure – the country is perfectly positioned to extract maximum value from the opportunities that are invariably going to open and give businesses and entrepreneurs of the future the ability to interact through technology on a global scale, concluded Beukes.

To find out more, visit the Openserve website, or visit their stand at the 2018 MyBroadband Conference.

Althon Beukes, Chief Commercial Officer for Openserve


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South Africa’s connected future