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Data makes the world go round. We see it in every industry, and businesses around the world including South Africa are realising the value their data holds to make timely decisions and adapt to market changes.

To leverage the advantages data offers, SMEs need insight into their operations and the data that flows in and out. Insight allows SMEs to understand customers and drive growth, as companies can better meet their customers’ needs than their competitors. Core to this customer focus is a strong belief in insights, and in the active use of a diverse mix of insight tools.

Many SMEs, however, don’t know where their data is located, or the value it holds. A silo here, a department there, a software solution over there. The forward-thinking SME needs one platform that delivers comprehensive control. The entire point of digital is to provide a sustainable solution that delivers long-term strategic success and allows the SME to change with the market, demand, customers and the pace of innovation.

To remain digitally relevant, SMEs require a cloud solution that provides them with visibility and insight across the entire business, delivering the information they need to make proactive decisions.

NetSuite – the right data insight in real time

Forward-thinking SMEs can take advantage of the opportunities created by the digital revolution by adopting processes and systems that will enable, instead of hinder, the long-term growth of their business – enabling faster growth while controlling costs and delivering great customer service.

NetSuite meets the evolving business requirements of fast-growing companies at every stage of their growth by providing a single, managed, cloud-based solution, offering unrivalled scalability and flexibility.

Through its all-encompassing, unified ERP solution, NetSuite provides companies with the right data insight, so businesses can offer ecommerce, track sales leads, handle multiple sales channels, manage stock, and have information in real-time to help them make fast, well-informed decisions about where to invest – and boost revenue.

It runs financials, CRM, ecommerce and business intelligence functionalities in the cloud for 360-degree, real-time visibility across customer and financial data, complete control over core HR processes, and reports more accurately by running functions simultaneously in one suite.

From emerging businesses and start-ups, to established corporates, NetSuite empowers modern, fast-growing companies, both private and public, to unlock their growth potential.

Its cloud-based solutions streamline mission-critical business processes and reduce IT costs, allowing SMEs to easily scale and future-proof their businesses with an agile business platform that evolves as their needs change.

With NetSuite, the SME gets unprecedented visibility into its complete business – from a lead right through to the sale and into the invoicing and fulfilment process. SMEs will see an increase in data accuracy and have complete control over all their business processes.

To see how NetSuite enabled Deliveroo to transform their business, watch the video below.

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Gain the right insights into your modern business