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Replace your slow PCs affecting productivity today

Performing IT equipment is vital to effective business operations in every industry. A PC’s performance deteriorates with time and eventually reaches a point where it needs to be replaced.

The problem with dated or non-current equipment is that it affects business operations, as it becomes slow and ultimately affects employee productivity.

Evidence shows that old computers are slow and unreliable and if your employees rely heavily on their computers for day-to-day business functions and are wasting time waiting for programmes to launch or files to open, then a new, faster computer is the answer.

With a faster computer that saves an employee 10-minutes a day (including boot-up, logging in, response of apps, shutdown, etc.) businesses can save roughly 40 hours a year and help you realise a Return on Investment (ROI) in just one year.

However, the biggest ROI’s will be achieved by the quick processing of data, less downtime and avoidance of breakage or fixing costs as equipment will be within warranty.

Another issue to consider is that the world’s most popular desktop OS Windows 7 is now considered to be dated, as Microsoft has stopped offering mainstream support and currently only offers extended support – which will end in January 2020.

This means that many businesses will need to upgrade to Windows 10 to keep up with today’s security threats, enjoy continued support from Microsoft, and stay productive. Your old PC’s will not cope, you need to refresh.

Many businesses are wary to upgrade their PCs as this can make a significant dent from a financial standpoint. However, the cost is still nothing compared to the hours of productivity lost and the risks of not upgrading.

Only pay for what you use

Thankfully, buying new equipment for cash isn’t the only option. In fact, it’s not smart. Companies like InnoVent offer IT equipment leasing solutions so organisations don’t have to spend money on assets that need regular replacement.

Instead, businesses only pay for a portion of the equipment for the duration that they use it, allowing them to access the technology they require without the huge initial capital outlay.

The reason for this is because InnoVent offers subsidised finance and a buyback value in the transaction, reducing the total cost.

In addition to that, InnoVent offers asset management solutions such as asset tracking, online reporting tools, comprehensive insurance, etc. to help you manage your equipment for the duration of the lease and the subsequent refresh.

There are multiple advantages to leasing your IT equipment and enjoying the latest software on the latest models is a clear benefit. Further leasing benefits are outlined below:

The benefits of leasing IT equipment

  1. No investment in depreciating assets
  2. Stay current with both equipment and software
  3. Operating lease in terms of IFRS 16
  4. Improved cash-flow management and budgeting
  5. Cheaper than using cash or bank financing
  6. No more end-of-life disposal headaches

InnoVent specialises in leasing and life cycle management solutions for rapidly depreciating assets, providing tailor-made financial solutions for clients.

With 15 years of experience and a global presence, InnoVent has found a cost-effective way to finance and manage a spectrum of brand-new standard and specialised equipment.

Find out how to lease IT equipment from InnoVent here.

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Replace your slow PCs affecting productivity today