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Otto Wireless and former SA Cricketer brings Majesti-Fi roaming to international travellers

Otto Wireless Solutions has made their name synonymous with a number of niche wireless hardware product offerings over the past 9 years. From humble beginnings as the SIMCom distributor (GSM / GPRS / HSPA / LTE / GPS Modules) they have grown their offering to include the industry leading Industrial Wireless Routers brand, Wlink, which offers a host of hardware options, and strategically a free backend management platform.

You can view short videos of those products here.

Late in 2017, they brought Ottennas to the market, and this range of attractively priced, outdoor high-performance antennas have been extremely well received by a broad spectrum of customers ranging from the man on the street, to large-scale industrial clients servicing various sectors of the market.

Unlike many industry suppliers, Otto Wireless Solutions has remained very strategic in terms of products which they select to add to their portfolio, with the focus always being on introducing quality product lines which add value to existing customers, and open the door to new markets. It is based on this reason, and the past success in terms of products launched, that one should take notice when they bring something new to the market.

Enter Majesti-Fi. Imagine doing away with the hassles and dangers of international roaming when on a business trip. Think for a second how attractive it would be to have a plan which provides you with fixed data costs, no dangers of bill shock, with data being either purchased on a monthly enterprise solution or a pay as you go solution at extremely affordable rates which has shown savings costs of up to 90% on corporate travel. Importantly data is pooled so for a corporate, the full use of data and cost thereof is maximised.

The Majesti-Fi hardware device

Consider for a moment being able to purchase a simple device, with connectivity in 149 countries and being able to load your data as you need. How incredible would it be, for such a device to handle 5 simultaneous wireless device / client connections, and for each traveller to have the peace of mind in that they are not on a public Wi-Fi system, so their connection is secured through an international carrier, with SIM card banks hosted in the UK.

For businesses such as travel agencies or international touring companies / hotels, the simplicity of being able to provide international guests with a rentable hardware solution, to assure them of connectivity when away from the hotel / bus, or in their rented vehicle. For the first time in South Africa, international travellers need not go through the whole RICA process, sim card swopping, number changing and possibility of poor connectivity.

A hardware platform with a cloud-based back-end solution, roaming on multiple networks, ensuring connectivity uptime is maximised. A simple device, which slips into your pocket unnoticed, and gives you all this, simply by connecting to the device via Wi-Fi.

It is for this reason that Otto Wireless Solutions has entered into a collaborative working agreement with former SA Cricketer, Daryll Cullinan. As a representative agent for Majesti-Fi in Africa, in searching for a potential market channel for promoting the Majesti-Fi product into the market, Daryll has selected Otto Wireless solutions as one of his avenues to market.

Watch the short product video below.

The Majesti-Fi product will be showcased at the upcoming MyBroadband Conference and Expo at Gallagher Convention Centre on 18 October.

To see the product, visit the Otto Wireless Solutions stand. If you are not able to attend, email [email protected] for more info.

Otto Wireless Operations Director Chris Viveiros and former SA Cricketer Daryll Cullinan

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Otto Wireless and former SA Cricketer brings Majesti-Fi roaming to international travellers