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How to safeguard your printer against cyberattacks

Various high-profile South African organisations have been hacked in recent times. These include the SABC, the EFF, and even the official Presidency website.

In the wake of these attacks, it has become clear that South African organisations need to take online security more seriously.

One of the avenues that hackers use to gain access to organisations’ networks is through print networks.

According to a Spiceworks survey, only 16% of IT professionals believe that printers are high security risks. However, 23% of these IT professionals were found to be leaving their data vulnerable to interception.

This nonchalance means that printers provide an easy way into networks for hackers. Global trials by Ponemon Institute showed that 91% of visual hacking attempts were successful, with 11% of these occurring at printer output bins.

The IDC also released a report in 2016 which predicted that a third of all businesses will have a contract with a print security vendor by 2019. This highlights how important it is to keep your printing networks secure.

HP’s secure printing solutions

HP printers are equipped to deal with security threats and attacks thanks to HP’s comprehensive print security services. HP printers are ready to dispel attacks as soon as they begin, while HP Enterprise printers can even heal themselves after attacks.

Features of this process include:

  • Continuous monitoring allows for the swift detection and elimination of attacks that occur within memory or via outbound requests. HP print security will then force a reboot to ensure that all repairs are completed timeously and efficiently.
  • HP Sure Start searches for malicious code during the reboot and heals the BIOS.
  • The HP JetAdvantage Security Manager scans the device’s security settings, fixing any issues that may have occurred during the reboot.
  • Authentic HP code is whitelisted, ensuring that if any other code is discovered, a reboot is initiated, and IT is made aware of the attack.

The IDC has recognised HP as a leader in print security solutions and services. Its report claimed that HP has an advantage thanks to its “strong IT service and capabilities, enabling scalability and integration in the workflow arena, providing consistency in the technology stack and facilitating a comprehensive and integrated security strategy across the entire IT infrastructure.”

HP’s print security services were also honoured by the Technology Service Industry Association (TSIA) with a STAR award. TSIA had the following to say about HP’s print security services:

“What really set the HP Inc. story apart was the sheer breadth and specificity of the customer outcome data they were able to produce, typically showing dramatic increases in customer compliance and security levels.”

To find out more, visit the HP print security solutions website.

The importance of print security in South African companies

The importance of print security in South African companies

Posted by MyBroadband on Sunday, 21 October 2018

This article was published in partnership with HP.

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How to safeguard your printer against cyberattacks