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Codehesion’s simple 4-step process for successful software development

Codehesion has outperformed its competitors to win many new web and app development contracts from major South African companies.

One of the main reasons for Codehesion’s excellent performance is its simple 4-step process to make it easy and risk-free for companies to start a successful software development process.

The process involves an initial meeting, an internal workshop, a client workshop, and then an official proposal.

  1. Initial meeting – Codehesion meets with a client to discuss the project and identify possible challenges, explore the client’s vision, and define the project’s scope.
  2. Internal workshop – The Codehesion team discusses the project internally to find the best possible solution for their client.
  3. Client workshop – Codehesion produces a draft solution and discusses the solution with their client in a short workshop.
  4. Proposal – Codehesion delivers an official proposal with a clear road map, development time frames, and a cost estimate.

“By following this 4-step process we are able to deliver a proposal to clients within a few days,” said Codehesion MD Hector Beyers.

Beyers added that they use an agile development process to ensure successful and timely execution of their software projects.

“To date we have had a 100% success rate with our software development projects, which shows that our processes work well,” said Beyers.

For more information about Codehesion’s products and services, visit the Codehesion website.

This article was published in partnership with Codehesion.

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Codehesion’s simple 4-step process for successful software development