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Stay connected with unlimited Internet for home and office

To stay current in a fast-paced, connected world, you need connectivity solutions that won’t let you down.

UNIWISP’s new Internet services are more powerful and more affordable than ever before, connecting you to customers and the world around you.

As a customer-driven ISP, UNIWISP has made it their mission to provide the best and most competitive digital services and offers, which meet a variety of connectivity needs and are suited for individuals, SMEs, and the enterprise.

These services include fixed wireless broadband, fibre, UNISat Internet via satellite, VoIP, domain hosting solutions, web hosting services, and other network and maintenance services.

All UNIWISP’s Internet services are uncapped and unshaped, which means that they do not limit the amount of data downloaded or manipulate the data flow in any way.

UNIWISP also offers telephone services where calls are charged per second from the first second, and they provide PBX and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems for automated reception and call processing, customised to suit every customer’s unique requirement.

Why choose UNIWISP

  • High-quality hardware: UNIWISP offers high-quality hardware, which is specifically designed and engineered to work fast, efficiently, and reliably.
  • Uptime and reliability: With proactive monitoring down to seconds, UNIWISP has reactive solutions in place to ensure network stability.
  • Affordable solutions: UNIWISP offers customers the widest range of services at great prices.
  • Superior customer support: Staff are fully trained, friendly, and professional agents that are available 24/7.
  • Advanced technology: UNIWISP ensures that their technology is up to date and of the most advanced in the market, allowing customers to easily transition business practices to digital for improved efficiency and a satisfactory end-user experience.

UNIWISP also provides different service levels which determine the client’s priority on the UNIWISP network. They apply a much lower contention ratio, even at their entry-level service – which is supplied at a very low cost.

“In telecommunication networks, clients contend for bandwidth on a continual basis and in some cases operators will allow such contention to reach a point of 60. This implies that 60 clients contend for the same available bandwidth. Our business model is based on different principles which contribute to the quality of service experienced by our clients,” said UNIWISP.

“We manage services on our clients’ premises, and depending on their onsite equipment, we can even manage the equipment remotely. This implies that we fix 99% of faults remotely, which bring service restoration time down to minutes instead of days or weeks,” said UNIWISP.

UNIWISP is headquartered in Nelspruit, and has offices around South Africa, including regions in Tzaneen, Middelburg, Witbank, and Pretoria, with an office soon opening in Johannesburg.

UNIWISPalso partners with Seacom, Openserve, and Liquid Telecom, and has a point of presence in Teraco Isando for easy colocation, hosting, and for peering with other ISPs, Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), streaming services (Netflix, Showmax etc.), and large companies.

To find out more about UNIWISP’s ground-breaking service offerings, visit their website.

This article was published in partnership with UNIWISP.

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Stay connected with unlimited Internet for home and office