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Top tips to keep your passwords and client data safe

With new laws about conforming to new security standards rolled out by the EU, known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses need to improve their security to adhere to these stringent regulations.

These regulations are there to improve client protection by stipulating how data must be used and processed within a company – keeping data private and stored securely.

Companies who fail to adhere to these regulations may face consequences when client data is leaked, and may have to pay or possibly close their doors.

How to respond to cyberthreats swiftly

Organisations struggle to keep up with the constant barrage of cyberattacks. Here’s how companies can protect passwords and client data while complying with GDPR standards.

  • Organisations need to assess their cybersecurity defences and gain visibility of threats.
  • Thereafter, they can develop a proactive cybersecurity approach to predict, detect, and identify cyberthreats.
  • Companies can then make use of penetration testing and incident response services to help them identify cybersecurity weaknesses and prepare their response to a potential cyberthreat.

Keep your data safe with Innovo Networks

Innovo Networks is a GDPR regulated company, which follows the new GDPR procedures and offers cyber-security solutions to protect clients and customers’ personal data and strives to prevent any data leaks by following secure internal processes.

Real-time threat management-as-a-service

With innovative solutions like WebArx, Innovo provides 24/7, real-time security event management as well as monitoring, powerful correlation, and threat analysis of your most critical assets for your website. These are the first steps in securing your website.

Once your website is secure, no one will be able to access any of your information or data via the website. After Innovo’s penetration tests, there will be no gaps or loopholes that hackers can feed on to destroy the site and steal personal data from either the company, employees, or customers.

The advantages of using Innovo Networks for penetration testing

  • Innovo follows and exceeds the requirements of OSSTMM, CHECK, and OWASP.
  • They have experienced security professionals, holding recognised certifications such as CISSP, OSCP, and ECH.
  • Innovo’s staff can distinguish and articulate between infrastructure and application testing.
  • They have supplier relationships with recognised contributors within the security industry.

Besides penetration testing, Innovo also offers secure endpoint protection along with email management, web app assessments, and the ultimate firewalls for any type of business.

“Combined with our managed service offerings, we can provide notification of known attacks and threats before they reach you. We help your organisation develop a better response to cyberthreats, as we offer the ultimate robust penetration testing to securely arm and protect the business from any threat or cyber-attack,” said Innovo Networks.

Find out how Innovo can help you by visiting their website.

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Top tips to keep your passwords and client data safe