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How AIOps platforms like Operations Bridge can help your business

IT operations have been utilising big data and machine learning technologies to power their monitoring efforts for years.

However, in recent times, these operations have been combining big data and machine learning technologies into one powerful package.

This has resulted in the formation of Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps) – platforms that both improve upon, and completely replace, traditional means of performing these tasks.

Gartner reports that 40% of all large enterprises will combine machine learning and big data by 2022. This shows how important this innovation is to the future of the IT operations industry.

Gartner also believes that businesses should expect to extend their AIOps use to service desks and automation within the next five years.

Micro Focus and AIOps

Micro Focus already focuses on AIOps technology and its capabilities. An example of this can be found in Micro Focus’ Operations Bridge software.

This software is an automated AIOps solution for digital enterprises and serves as the IT industry’s first containerised product. It automatically monitors Hybrid IT, proactively detects problems, executes fixes, reduces data noise, and much more.

It comes in three forms – Express, Premium, and Ultimate – and includes over 50 patented algorithms for anomaly detection, faster fixes, and clustering.

Here are some examples of how Operations Bridge has been used to great effect.

Vodafone Germany

Vodafone Germany has utilised Operations Bridge to reduce avoidable repetition, while ensuring the optimal resolution of issues is implemented.

Vodafone boasted 40% incoming event reduction and 25% fewer overall incidents, while critical incidents were reduced by a staggering 80% thanks to Operations Bridge.

The predictive analytics provided by Operations Bridge also allowed for proactive responses by Vodafone Germany.


Accenture is a technology strategy and consulting organisation. They noticed increased complexity in their customers’ IT environment, with some using as many as hundreds of tools.

As a result, service delivery has become significantly more complex. Key to Accenture’s needs has been a highly mature tool that allows for easy integration across a wide variety of venders.

Accenture has seen great success with Operations Bridge, including a 20-25% reduction in post-implementation incidents.

They have also found the Operations Bridge dashboard to be intuitive and in-depth, allowing for heavy customisation. The ability to be proactive has been another key benefit for Accenture thanks to the powerful Operations Bridge dashboard.

To find out more about AIOps technologies such as Operations Bridge, download the full Gartner report here.

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How AIOps platforms like Operations Bridge can help your business