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Get fast and reliable fibre from Gigago

As technology continues to develop, content creators and device manufacturers both expect customers to have high-speed, stable Internet to use their offerings optimally.

In South Africa, given the exorbitant price of mobile data, there is one clear solution to your Internet needs: fibre.

The benefits of Gigago fibre

Gigago is an ISP run by MetroFibre Networx, one of South Africa’s leading fibre infrastructure developers. It offers completely uncapped and unshaped premium fibre internet to South African homes. This mean’s that you don’t have to worry about running out of data, nor do you have to deal with slow speeds during high-traffic times.

Fibre from Gigago is all about simplicity. Rather than overloading customers with complex tech jargon, Gigago makes the process of getting fibre a simple and speedy one.

If you enquire, Gigago will let you know whether you have access to fibre in your area. If you don’t, they’ll keep you updated on your area’s coverage status moving forward.

If your area is covered, they’ll help you to choose the right package for your needs. You don’t need to worry about which network provider is in your area – the price will remain the same for each package regardless.

Affordable pricing

Gigago offers affordable pricing to its customers. Packages range from 4Mbps to 100Mbps. Gigago’s 100Mbps offering is particularly unique in that there is absolutely no throttling for customers who choose this speed. This makes the 100Mbps a fantastic option for hardcore internet users. Pricing is as follows:

  • 4Mbps: R550 per month
  • 10Mbps: R699 per month
  • 20Mbps: R899 per month
  • 40Mbps: R1,099 per month
  • 100Mbps: R1,299 per month

Commitment to the customer

Gigago has a robust team of customer care agents who are committed to solving any issues that you may have. The agents take ownership of any problems you may face, remaining focused on your ticket until it is resolved.

To learn more about Gigago, visit their website:

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Get fast and reliable fibre from Gigago