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Spy series Condor will keep you on the edge of your seat

Condor is an enthralling new crime thriller that puts the viewer in the shoes of young genius Joe Turner.

CIA analyst Turner creates an algorithm that is intended to help the US government catch terrorists. However, when his entire team is murdered, he must hide from assassins as he does everything in his power to stay alive.

Originally Turner joined the CIA with an idealistic notion of fixing it from within, but he instead, he is forced to leave his intellectual comfort zone and fight for survival.

While trying to stay ahead of those who wish to kill him, Turner simultaneously endeavours to bring down a massive conspiracy within the USA government, seeking help from his uncle Bob Partridge, who recruited him into the agency to begin with, and his friend Sam Barber.

Condor is inspired by the 1975 movie Three Days of the Condor, which starred Robert Redford as Joe Turner.

Max Irons – who plays Turner in this reboot – is the son of famous actor Jeremy Irons, and does an outstanding job in this gripping series.

But in an interview with Sarah Ksiazek of The Macguffin, Irons highlights how he isn’t trying to replicate Redford’s interpretation of Joe Turner.

“The work is sort of done for you in that the environment that my Joe Turner is operating in is vastly different to the political environment to Robert Redford’s version of Joe Turner,” said Irons.

Irons added that the medium of the new iteration – a series, compared to a two-hour movie – allows it to delve more into people’s origins and political leanings.

Key to the success of Condor, in Irons’ mind, are the moral grey areas that it ventures into.

“We see that so much on television, from the first episode you know what’s what and over the course of ten episodes you’re going to watch these two sides duke it out and eventually the good guy wins,” said Irons in an interview with Parade.

“I think Jason and Todd paint in a far wider colour palate than that, and in fact, all the major players, from Brendan Fraser to Bob Balaban, to William Hurt, to Mira Sorvino, you don’t know who exactly they’re playing for, at any point, which I think will keep people engaged,” he said.

Where to watch Condor?

New episodes air every Monday on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) and Showmax.

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Spy series Condor will keep you on the edge of your seat