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Huawei Mate20 Pro – The best smartphone for fitness fanatics

Huawei’s powerful new Mate20 Pro smartphone is now officially available in South Africa.

With an extraordinary camera system, innovative chassis design, and powerful specifications, the Mate20 Pro is one of the most luxurious smartphones available in South Africa.

At a price point lower than high-end devices from competitors, the Mate20 Pro also offers impressive battery life, a cutting-edge chipset, and unique AI features.

It is these AI-powered features offered by this device which make it stand out from the competition.

A calorie counter in your pocket

One of the most unique features available on the Mate20 Pro is its HiVision AI-enabled camera software.

HiVision enables the automatic detection and recognition of objects, providing context-sensitive information from a range of sources.

Now, for the first time, HiVision allows Mate20 Pro users to simply point their camera at their food and receive an estimated calorie count for their meal.

Although it is an estimated count, the accuracy of this calorie detection feature is impressive, as the device uses artificial intelligence to calculate the volume of the food and provide a calorie measurement in addition to other information such as sodium content.

This makes the Huawei Mate20 Pro an ideal companion for anyone from professional bodybuilders to everyday gym-goers.

The days of squinting at product packaging and performing intricate guesswork to decide whether you can enjoy a meal are gone.

Instead, Huawei Mate20 Pro owners need only to point their device at a snack or meal to instantly receive the calorie count of their food.

This feature can remove a lot of the frustration encountered when trying to eat well, allowing for an easier and healthier lifestyle.

HiVision does not only recognise food however, it can also be used to identify products, landmarks, and text.

Huawei’s AI-enabled camera is even able to translate text on physical items such as menus or signs in real-time.

huawei mate p20 pro

Premium design

All of these powerful features function as a result of the Mate20 Pro’s impressive hardware and design.

The Huawei Mate20 Pro is powered by the new Kirin 980 chipset, the first 7nm processor to be implemented within a Huawei smartphone.

The Kirin 980 boasts impressive performance compared to the previous-generation Kirin 970 and includes a dual neural processing unit (NPU) set up to provide more advanced AI capabilities.

When it comes to the camera, a Leica triple-lens system is placed on the rear of the device and is able to handle everything from underwater macro photography to ultra-wide night shots.

The smartphone can be secured with biometrics, using either the in-screen fingerprint sensor or 3D facial recognition.

The Huawei Mate20 Pro is available from various retailers and mobile operators in South Africa for a recommended retail price of R18,999.

Huawei Mate20 Pro
OS EMUI 9.0 (Android 9.0)
Display 6.4-inch 3,120 x 1,440 OLED
Processor HiSilicon Kirin 980
Storage 128GB, Huawei nanoSD up to 512GB
Rear camera 40MP + 20MP + 8MP
Front camera 24MP
Connectivity 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB Type-C
Cellular LTE Cat. 21
Durability IP68
Battery 4,200mAh
Price R18,999

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Huawei Mate20 Pro – The best smartphone for fitness fanatics