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How the cloud has enabled IT services – Vodacom

The implementation of IT services has evolved over the past few years as cloud platforms gain traction among medium and large businesses.

Vodacom managing executive for business solutions Chris Lazarus describes IT services as the cooperation of people, internal processes, and customers towards operational efficiency.

These services include the management of software-as-a-service offerings, along with everything from data storage capabilities to analytics reports.

Historically, these services have been performed in-house at businesses, with companies having their own servers to support customers.

“They had their own IT boxes, they had their own people managing it, and it sat virtually in their own premises,” Lazarus said.

However, the growth of cloud offerings and integration have allowed companies to offload their system maintenance workload to more efficient cloud environments.

“With the cloud came an opportunity to say well, can this not all be aggregated in a place where it is not necessarily in my own environment being managed by my own people?” Lazarus said.

Evolution of IT Services

“The cloud has enabled users to take the operating capabilities that they need and change where and how they operate,” Lazarus said.

He said that cloud has not changed the basic concept of IT services, but instead has changed how it is done and where it is hosted while dramatically improving efficiency.

In its effort to enable the digital migration of South African businesses, Vodacom offers clients a variety of solutions, from managed dedicated servers to Azure-based hosting environments.

By delivering a selection of flexible solutions tailored to individual consumers, Vodacom Business acts as a driving force behind the push for digitisation in South Africa.

An increasing number of companies are migrating their operations to cloud-based environments through trusted partners in order to improve cost efficiency and reduce the workload on their own physical infrastructure.

“The IT Services haven’t changed, but the cost and efficiency of these services have changed,” said Lazarus.

As a major provider of cloud-based services for evolving companies, Vodacom Business is a key enabler for the digitisation of local enterprises.

This article was published in partnership with Vodacom EBU.

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How the cloud has enabled IT services – Vodacom