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Cut your business’s voice and Internet costs now

Connection Telecom is offering South African businesses the latest voice and Internet products, which can significantly reduce their telecommunications costs [Click here for more].

Connection Telecom is South Africa’s cloud communication leader with over a decade of experience in the business telecoms market.

Its latest products, which include trusted VoIPConnect and Cloud PBX, gives businesses a big advantage over traditional voice products.

Connection Telecom’s VoIPConnect, for example, gives businesses a fast and reliable voice service at excellent per-second rates, with free inter-company and free inter-community calls.

Its PBX in the Cloud is equally attractive and removes the need to buy, install, and maintain your own PBX equipment.

“It is updated automatically, it is cost effective, and you only pay for what you use,” Connection Telecom said.

The company’s business-grade fibre perfectly complements these products and gives businesses the performance they need for all their connectivity needs.

The biggest benefit of moving to Connection Telecom, however, is the company’s exceptional customer service.

This includes a smooth migration from existing platforms and in-life enhancement to ensure the best quality voice and connectivity.

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Cut your business’s voice and Internet costs now