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The winning formula – Superior uptime, voice quality, and customer service

Servest has partnered with Connection Telecom for its telephony needs because of the provider’s superior uptime, voice quality, and customer service [Click here for more info].

Servest is a facilities management company which currently manages 35,000 sites with the help of its 24,000 employees.

Good communication with its clients is crucial to Servest’s operations, of which telephony forms a core component.

Servest group IT director Jurgen Sorton explained that their contact centres are a key component in helping them deliver excellent service to their customers.

“Our security division is a 24/7 operation and we cannot afford to go down. Uptime and service quality are extremely important to us,” said Sorton.

“We want to be able to take advantage of technology that improves our ability to interact with more customers at any one time.”

Sorton said that Servest therefore partnered with Connection Telecom because of its ability to deliver reliable, high-quality voice services.

He said Connection Telecom is constantly innovating to find new ways to provide the best possible voice service.

Call centre solution

Servest initially signed-up with Connection Telecom for the Telviva cloud platform, which made it easy for them to later bolt on a call centre solution.

“Connection Telecom provides us with the flexibility to bring up a call centre very quickly on any extension we need to run on,” said Sorton.

Servest is now also trialling Connection Telecom’s chat solution Touchpoint, which makes it easy for clients to use text to interact with service agents.

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The winning formula – Superior uptime, voice quality, and customer service