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Liquid Telecom stars at MyBroadband Conference 2018

MyBroadband Conference and Expo 2018 Event Partner, Liquid Telecom, was highly visible at the event.

Liquid Telecom is the owner of Africa’s largest independent single-fibre network – connecting users from Cape Town to Cairo along Africa’s east coast.

They have broken ground by becoming the first fixed network provider in some African countries.

One of the company’s primary goals is to extend its network to cover the entire African continent, enabling entrepreneurs and businesses to utilise their network and cloud capabilities.

Named the Best African Wholesale Carrier for seven years in a row by Capacity magazine’s industry awards, Liquid Telecom has established itself as a leading player in the African tech space.

Their network connects to all five of the main African sub-sea cable systems: WACS, EASSy, SEACOM, SAT 3, and TEAMS.

Liquid Telecom CEO and MyBroadband’s IT Person of the Year Reshaad Sha spoke at the conference and highlighted the need for digital service providers to offer a seamless, automated experience to their customers.

“Liquid Telecom is a participant in the digital service provider market, and in fact a lot of the activity that we’re doing is to lead that space,” said Sha.

Learn more about Liquid Telecom on their website.

This article was published in partnership with Liquid Telecom.

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Liquid Telecom stars at MyBroadband Conference 2018