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LucidView Enforcer, Content Filter, and Reports for MikroTik – now with fixed pricing

The LucidView Enforcer is a MikroTik router, configured to make use of the LucidView Content Filter and Reporting Engine.

LucidView has a new and extremely competitive billing model for the LucidView Enforcer which is now a set amount and thus allows for easy budgeting.

This makes the LucidView Enforcer, its web content filter, and its reporting engine appealing both to home users and large enterprises with hundreds of users.

For organizations who build many LucidView Enforcers, the cost drops to an incredible $3 per LucidView Enforcer, per month.

LucidView CEO Andrew Wilson says “This LucidView Enforcer product is by far the best versatile content filtering and reporting solution on the market, at a price that is a fraction of the competitors”

Never before has one been able to have such control over the Internet, at such a low price.

Market areas that find this Enforcer solution useful:

  1. Businesses – who are primarily concerned about security and productivity.
  2. Schools – who are primarily concerned about inappropriate content for our kids.
  3. WiFi HotSpots – who don’t want their infrastructure to be abused.
  4. Homes – where parents want full control of Kids Internet access.

The LucidView Enforcer allows you to define what your own “Clean Internet” policy means. The categories currently available are:

  • Risk (Known malware and phishing sites)
  • Suspicious (Includes possible unauthorized access by remote hackers)
  • Anonymizers (Used to bypass content filters)
  • Untrustworthy (Phishing risk)
  • Torrents
  • Movies
  • Adult
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Facebook
  • Instant Messaging
  • YouTube

Time based rules are available for all the above categories, and are a very popular feature, especially for the Facebook, Instant messaging and YouTube categories.

Learn more about LucidView Enforcer on their website.

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LucidView Enforcer, Content Filter, and Reports for MikroTik – now with fixed pricing