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Huawei’s new energy solutions

Huawei recently featured at AfricaCom 2018, where it won numerous awards.

One of these awards was for the best sustainable power solution – highlighting how seriously Huawei is taking its energy solutions.

Xiang Weidong, VP of Huawei Network Energy Product Line Marketing Dept, was interviewed about Huawei’s focus on developing new and superior energy solutions. Watch this video or read the full transcript below.

Q: Do you have any surprises for us this year?

A: Huawei has a dream in the telecom energy field. It is to help operators build a better, green, connected world. According to our research, there are still 500,000 diesel generators running among 6,000,000 wireless sites. The energy related OPEX of a diesel generator site is 4 to 5 times higher than a normal site using electricity. The modernization of these diesel generator sites is the top priority for OPEX saving.

With the rapid development of solar, EV and smart end devices, the cost of PV and Li-ion battery keeps decreasing. We forecast that in the next 3 to 5 years, the solar energy cost will become lower than the thermal power cost, and the Li-ion battery cost will be very close to the cost of the lead acid battery.

Consequently, we regard it as one of our important strategies to replace diesel generators with solar equivalents, and to replace lead acid batteries with lithium.

The advanced diesel hybrid power solution, that we launched today, is an innovation solution that integrates digital technologies, power electronic technology, as well as the newest solar and energy storage technology. Compared with the traditional solution, the advanced diesel hybrid solution shortens the modernization ROI from 3 years to 2 years.

With solar energy costs further reduced, the system supports smooth solar access, which will further reduce diesel generator runtime to zero, and will help operators to truly achieve a green site.

Q: The ROI is less than 2 years? That sounds unbelievable! Compared to the traditional solution, what are the biggest changes in the advanced diesel hybrid power solution?

A: In hybrid power scenarios, the core value of the energy storage system is total energy output volume during the system’s lifespan. The more energy throughput discharge, and the less diesel generator runtime, the more customer value there is.

To guarantee and maximize the lifespan energy throughput, we firstly choose the best battery cells. All the cells are produced from automatic production lines, which have a cycle number of more than 10,000.

Secondly, site level equalization management and control is adopted by the system, which stops bias current or cross current from happening during frequent charge and discharge. Finally, the cell level integrates thermal management that fully balances the heat dissipation inside the system, which keeps the battery running in a cool environment.

Most importantly, we take the lifespan energy throughput as the key evaluation standard, and will put it in the warranty, which ensures customers buy what they need, fully guaranteeing customer value. We have already communicated with ITU, and the function of energy throughput calculation for the Li-ion battery will be written and released soon.

Q: It’s a great idea to measure and guarantee the lifespan energy throughput of the energy storage system. That really ensures the customer buys what they need and maximizes the customer value. What expectations do you have about it in the African market?

A: So far this year, Huawei telecom energy systems have already been deployed in over 170 countries, and serve over 310 operators, from which we have gained wide recognition and support from customers globally.

For example, in Ethiopia, Huawei’s solar hybrid power solution helped customers save up to 12,000,000L in fuel consumption, reducing carbon emission by up to 10,000 tons.

But we know there are still 100,000+ generators running in Africa. Because of the technical limitations of the traditional solution, the modernization ROI is up to 3 years, which decays the movement of fuel saving.

Huawei has already put continuous innovation investment into the solar and Li-ion battery industry, and we believe that in the near future, we can help operators to reduce diesel generator runtime to zero. The advanced diesel hybrid power will be a very important first step.

Huawei will also maintain technology innovation in the power electronic, digital information and artificial intelligence field. We will unswervingly be the smart site enabler of choice – obtaining massive operation data from smart sites, using big data analysis and artificial intelligence to help customers achieve precise investment and efficient O&M, and coping with the rapid development of 5G networks in the future.

We would like to join hands with customers to build a better, green, connected world.

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Huawei’s new energy solutions