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With retrenchments looming in the IT sector as the 4th Industrial revolution begins to ripple across the South African economy, it’s time to re-skill and level-up to ensure one’s skills remain relevant.

As anyone in the IT sector knows, continuous education and training is part of the job, and it’s now more urgent than ever to stay up-to-date.

In the past careers could be built on the products of a single vendor such as Microsoft or Oracle. Today, however, the changes wrought by Open Source, inter-connectivity and globalisation require a far broader set of skills and a mental agility and passion to learn and master new technologies.

Cloud computing, dev-ops, AI, IoT – in fact, nearly all the exciting changes in technology are driven by Linux and Open Source technologies.

Linux development is an essential skill if one wants to participate in Industry 4.0.

In the past, an MCSE or a CCNE was a good starting point for a career and many people, now well into their careers, have failed to move beyond these silos and are are at risk unless they take action and re-skill.

Luckily, the seismic changes being wrought in the economy are also creating new opportunities. Skills in dev-ops, cyber security, data science and software development skills are in short supply. The smart money is already taking advantages of these emerging opportunities – shouldn’t you?

Our courses not only impart the required knowledge and skill professionals require, but also achieve something far more important: they instill in people the right mental attitude to prosper in the 4th industrial revolution.

Self-reliance, self-learning, and a passion for technology make learning a pleasure; they almost make it an addiction! Endorphin rushes aren’t only experienced from seeing a new social media update!

Contact Jumping Bean for any inquiries. Whether you are looking for a specific course or require a customised course and a learning development plan, Jumping Bean can help.

Just pop past our offices for a cup of coffee and a chat if you need any advice, guidance, or just want to geek out about the exciting world of IT.

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Jumping Bean is an open source solutions integration and training company. We provide training in a wide range of open source technologies that are defining the companies of the future. We work with our customers to identify their current and future skills requirements, develop long-term skill-development and acquisition programs and do so within their available budgets to ensure they are ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Our instructor led, part-time or full time, online or in-person classes make use of consultants with years of in-the-field experience which provide students not only with knowledge of the course objectives, but a renewed passion for technology and a deeper understanding of the possibilities and real-world challenges that these technologies and trends provide. Our competitive advantage, building our extensive experience and knowledge, is to rapidly evaluate new technologies, assess their usefulness and impact and deliver skills development programs and training to ensure our customers have the right skills for the future.

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Learn new IT skills for less with Jumping Bean’s Black Friday deals