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Nology at the 2018 MyBroadband Conference & Expo

Nology recently attended the 2018 MyBroadband Conference & Expo in Pretoria.

Founded in 2001, Nology offers converged IP solutions to a variety of parties including service providers, network operators and resellers.

The primary feature of Nology’s display at the MyBroadband Conference was the launch of the Netogy WIT300.

This device is a cordless IP phone that allows you to make calls through Wi-Fi rather than through traditional landlines.

This situates the WIT300 as a unique player in the South African market.

The WIT300 is particularly cost-effective for fibre users, who can use their current fibre connection rather than paying for a separate line.

Features of the Netogy WIT300 include built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, a colour screen, Bluetooth headset support, and HD audio support.

The MyBroadband Conference was an opportunity for Nology to gain exposure for some of their lesser-known products.

Nology also offers many services, providing additional value to their customers.

One of these services is warehousing and storage, which allow resellers to dropship to their customers.

They also offer product customisation and branding, as well as training from a dedicated team of product experts.

Nology hosts a fantastic reseller platform on their website, designed to be simple and effective for companies to use.

Product manager Alex Bantjes said that Nology had a great time at the MyBroadband Conference.

“It’s been awesome,” said Bantjes. “It’s an excellent way for Nology to collaborate and speak with our partners outside our normal boardrooms.”

Learn more about the products and services Nology offer on their website.

This article was published in partnership with Nology.

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Nology at the 2018 MyBroadband Conference & Expo