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Time to dust off those Office 365 licenses with Microsoft 365

Many organisations thrive on Office 365 (O365) and have competitive cloud roadmaps in place built around the O365 platform. This is sending them well on their way to digital transformation. Others, however, have a few hundred O365 licenses that are either unused or under-utilised.  The questions is, though, whether Office 365 is enough, and how can businesses maximise their cloud roadmap returns. Introducing Microsoft 365 (M365)

O365 is like any technology system; success is dependant on user adoption, application and innovation coupled with a strategy. Maybe you are considering buying, or have already bought, O365 because people told you that you should. That’s what you do when you have a business – you give your staff access to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But then what? What about all the increased productivity promises that you see online? When does digital transformation start happening?

You might also have security concerns, customisation challenges, and file-sharing strategy confusion, or perhaps you are just not seeing the overarching collaboration increases you were supposed to experience once you implemented the O365 package.

O365 can be overwhelming when not implemented in the presence of a clear digital strategy that comprises of user enablement and adoption, and supportive services. Without a user enablement and adoption journey, your staff will simply stop using the technology at their disposal or only use it for entry-level tasks. This will not make much of an impact on productivity, and will leave your ROI in the dirt.

To be successful, O365 needs to live in an eco-system supported by other technologies, services and strategies. Therefore, Microsoft introduced M365 to ensure that organisations can use applications and services in a supportive eco-system that fosters productivity and competitiveness, guides them towards transformation, and unlocks the full value of cloud technology.

M365 is the path to technology roadmap simplification and empowerment.

Why Microsoft 365 is the answer

M365 is a complete, intelligent solution, which brings together the best of Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility and Security, and machine learning for a complete, interconnected experience.

This means that it simplifies your business technology strategy for you by offering applications and services in bundles, and enabling you to choose a bundle that will support all your productivity, collaboration and transformation objectives.

M365 was designed with simplicity in mind; it thinks for you by availing AI-powered tools that unleash creativity and fuel innovation to your workforce, increasing agility and lowering costs by making technology easier to adopt and manage.

To ensure tailored packages, Microsoft formulated M365 to comprise of various plans tailored to either business or enterprise. This means that Microsoft reviewed and assessed all business applications and services and how they are applied in businesses and enterprises, and bundled together packages to help you succeed and to simplify your technology roadmap.

However, the implementation and activation of M365 without enablement is going to lead you down a path of confusion. To ensure a technology roadmap based on the M365 offering that is geared for success and digital transformation you need to:

  1. Define your Digital Transformation Roadmap – what do you want to improve and what do you want to gain, how, by when?
  2. Select an M365 bundle, or bundles, that is most geared towards your specific business needs and objectives;
  3. Assess the skills in your organisation against the technology you will acquire
  4. Compile a user adoption journey;
  5. Implement a Digital Enablement strategy to ensure optimal adoption, collaboration and increased productivity;
  6. Activate the M365 bundle;
  7. Continuously assess against your target objectives to ensure you are on track and unlocking the full value from your technology.

M365 provides you with everything you need to ensure that your organisation is secure, efficient and transformative, and reaping the rewards of unsurpassed collaboration.

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Time to dust off those Office 365 licenses with Microsoft 365