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Save big on fibre – here’s how

Tired of slow, poor Internet service? Sonic Telecoms always want their clients to enjoy their Internet experience, while not paying an arm and a leg for it.

For this reason, Sonic Telecoms has introduced the “best possible” Internet service offering with their latest Internet package called Fusion Fibre.

Fusion Fibre is a new product which blends wireless and fibre technology to provide fast Internet speeds to the home.

With this offering, customers can get Fusion Fibre installed within 10 days. That means super-fast Internet speeds without the hassle – no digging up your pavement, and no long waits.

Designed to help consumers pay only for what they use, Sonic Telecoms has tailored this package to give you higher speeds at the lowest possible cost.

Their new offerings are unbeatably priced, starting from as little as R399pm on their Lite packages, and all their packages are uncapped and unshaped.

Free downloads

Downloads between 12- 6am do not count toward the fair usage policy limit, which means you can schedule your downloads during this time to get the most out of your Internet package.

Speeds drop to 2Mbps when your fair usage policy limit is reached, but your Internet remains uncapped and unshaped.

What’s more is that you can upgrade your package tier at any time by simply giving Sonic Telecoms a call.

Sonic Telecoms is giving you the power to decide how much you pay a month. Say goodbye to overpriced Internet and hello to savings.

Sign up for Sonic Telecom’s new Fusion Fibre package today and save big. For more information, visit the Sonic Telecoms website.

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Save big on fibre – here’s how