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How robotic process automation can save you time and money

There is a plethora of mundane tasks that must be performed by companies that are repetitive and time-consuming. These tasks include logging into applications, filling out forms, extracting data, merging data, moving files and folders, and scraping data from the internet.

As companies continue to look for ways to work more efficiently, robotic process automation (RPA) is becoming increasingly popular within the automation market.

RPA is the application of technology that automates administrative task workflows and processes using software bots. It takes over mundane tasks from humans, providing significant benefits to companies, including:

  • Faster execution of mundane tasks
  • Reduced human error
  • Decreased expenses

There are three elements to RPA.

Firstly, a business process management system must be implemented to design and record the automated processes. Once this has been done, a software robot will interact with the various business apps and programs necessary, executing all automated processes. Finally, there is a robot controller that monitors, schedules, and controls how these processes are executed.

Operations Orchestration from Micro Focus

Micro Focus’ Operations Orchestration software allows users to automate both simple tasks – such as auto archiving – as well as more complex tasks.

When integrated with Micro Focus’ service manager, it will share information between the monitoring and automating systems, as well as with the help desk.

This allows for the automation of various mundane tasks, ensuring that your staff are focused on more important needs.

Operations Orchestration in action

Convergys Corporation is a company that has found great success using Operations Orchestration.

“Operations Orchestration has provided us a way to automate many manual tasks in a consistent, reliable way,” said senior IT architect Dan Cunningham. “It has come a long way to transform our IT operations, use automation to streamline, and provide efficiencies which would otherwise be impossible to achieve.”

Todd Soisson, senior IT manager of quality services at TMNAS, also sings Operations Orchestration’s praises.

“Once we have the first set of scripts up and running, one overnight run is all it took. My manager, the CIO – everyone just started feeling so much more relaxed knowing that when we came in the next morning, we’d have the results of our regression test waiting for us, and they’d be 100 percent accurate.”

Rabobank International is another company which has seen great success using Operations Orchestration to automate a variety of processes, including new server provisioning, and getting software onto workstations.

Rabobank has been using Operations Orchestration for over 10 years due to its ease of use and heterogenous nature. Rabobank saves over 2500 man-hours per month, and praises how innovative the service is.

Learn more about Micro Focus’ services, including Operations Orchestration, here.

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How robotic process automation can save you time and money