ATIO awarded Level 1 B-BBEE Status for the 2nd year in a row

ATIO, a specialist ICT services company, is proud to announce that it has again achieved Level 1 B-BBEE Status. This for the second year in a row, awarded by Mazars, a SANAS accredited B-BBEE verification agency.

“ATIO has proven its valour, once again – a true champion of transformation in South Africa. After steadily improving our status each year and achieving Level 1 status for the first time in 2017, our challenge was then to maintain this prestigious status. In order to achieve this goal, we once again invested resources in this project and closely monitored and maintained the strategic plans and initiatives that we had put in place for the past 5 years. The results of this, is a level 1 B-BBEE status being awarded again to ATIO in November 2018. What makes this achievement even more significant, is the knowledge that ATIO is amongst only a few ICT companies that have managed to be consistent in this regard. We believe that this is a clear indication of our commitment to transformation, and we are proud about this achievement,” said ATIO CEO, Chris Van der Sande.

The fact that ATIO is also a black owned company, means that ATIO customers are now entitled to 135% recognition of their procurement spend with ATIO for their own B-BBEE certification.

“This milestone was not achieved by fluke. Over the years we have made considerable investments in numerous Black Economic Empowerment initiatives. The idea was never about just merely achieving targets, but rather to put in place a viable and sustainable transformation plan to deal with key imperatives in our business,” said Van der Sande.

As part of its empowerment objectives, ATIO has revised and realigned its staff equity, ownership, procurement strategies and the overall Employment Relations strategy to support and stay closely in line with its B-BBEE plan.

Various internal capacity-building initiatives have been put in place to improve skills development opportunities in the company. ATIO’s skills development programmes are registered with MICT SETA and it has managed to maintain a close working relationship with the institution for over a decade.

“The support we get from MICT SETA has been great over the years, and the institution adds significant value to our skills development agenda. Over and above that, as a business we believe that training and skills development should be a business priority never to be compromised on, however tough the economy might be. This obviously requires a huge financial investment and focussed effort, however at ATIO we see that not as a “challenge” but a solution, and to a larger extent an intrinsic part of our culture and what we as a business want to stand for. Our strategy has always been about our people, and that is how we would like to continue going forward,” concluded Van der Sande.

ATIO CEO, Chris Van der Sande

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ATIO awarded Level 1 B-BBEE Status for the 2nd year in a row