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Panasonic organic OLED – the closest to reality in TV tech

The latest OLED 9000 Panasonic televisions, available in 55 or 65-inch versions offer the best quality picture available in the market today thanks to self-illuminating panel technology, which individually illuminates each pixel and can reproduce real pitch black, infinite contrast possibilities, and very little image lag.

“OLED TVs don’t require a light source behind the screen, but instead have a current passing through the organic material causing each pixel to come alive with its own illumination, resulting in the ability to reproduce the very definition of ‘pitch black,’ creating true colour definition,” says Andre du Toit, MD for The Digital Experience.

The HCX processor then allows the manufacturer complete control over the colour management system required for the TV set. The processor employs an absolute black filter that neutralises reflections and reduces digital noise, resulting in intensely rich and accurate shades of black and an improved overall sharpness.

Containing a brightness enhancer, the processor can constantly monitor the levels of dark and bright and adjusts them to the optimal levels in 120 microseconds.

Coupled with the processor, Panasonic has produced a high-dynamic-range (HDR) system that reveals a major contrast between dark and bright images.

Panasonic OLED supports multiple high-dynamic-range system formats and will interpret the latest HDR 10+, and it has hedged its technology for future dynamic metadata delivery.

Reaching Hollywood status

Thanks to its original processing technology, Panasonic OLED TVs can achieve accurate colour and have brought the brand great success in the entertainment industry, on board passenger aircraft, in conventional cinemas and across the home entertainment industry.

Panasonic’s OLED panels have been approved and endorsed by Hollywood’s production engineers and are now being used in studios, such as Deluxe and Universal, for monitoring and post-production purposes, allowing the brand to proudly boast: “As used in Hollywood.”

Sound quality

Panasonic OLED TVs not only offer incredible panel technology but provide an astounding sound system as well. In fact, the company boasts a Technics sound bar from a long- and well-established audio pedigree.

The Technics sound bar attached to the TV includes four woofers, four squawkers and two tweeters, as well as two quad passive radiators which virtually eliminates vibration noise.

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Panasonic organic OLED – the closest to reality in TV tech