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The most shocking episodes from Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Samurai Jack and more!

Forget what you remember about kids cartoons. Adult Swim is not for the tots in the house, but for adults of discerning taste. And by ‘discerning’ we mean edgy, controversial and even a little weird.

Just how edgy, controversial and weird? Last month, Showmax added the first seasons of some of the most notorious Adult Swim shows.

From cannibal love potions to exploding drug dealers, here are the most shocking episodes from Showmax’s Adult Swim Collection.

Bad Replicant

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Who is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Crusaders for justice? Fighters of crime? Fast food gone bad? The third one. It’s the third one.

Explaining what this show is about or how it defined Adult Swim is pointless. So is trying to choose the weirdest or most shocking episode in season 1, because they are all weird and shocking.

But few things trump what comes out of the milkshake’s mouth and this episode is all about him and his literally half-baked clone. Watch now »

Toyz in the Hood

Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken flies from bad taste to bad taste like a pigeon doing its business over a carwash. The cast might be made of funny toy figures, animated with stop motion, and may seem harmless at first… an impression that lasts about five seconds.

But even by those standards, season 1 raises the shock factor with a story about the Tooth Fairy that pushes the envelope way over the mark. Then again, this is Robot Chicken. That happens more often than you’d think!

Jack versus Mad Jack

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack

At face value, Samurai Jack is just another kids show. But it doesn’t take long to show its real colours: a cinematic action extravaganza with dark undertones just when you don’t expect them.

Take this episode as an example: Jack arrives at a seedy bar, complete with go-go dancers, and soon has to kill nearly everyone in there who wants him terminated.

Then his arch nemesis, the demon Aku, fashions a doppelganger out of Jack’s anger to battle our hero to the death. Yes, this was a kids show. But no wonder Samurai Jack has such a following among adults…


Black Jesus

Black Jesus

What could you expect from a show like Black Jesus? Maybe the title of this episode, which was also the pilot, should give you a clue. Yes, Jesus might still turn the other cheek, but he’s not above a little loitering, drinking and a few tokes from a joint.

If that’s not clear, he and his followers try to buy a large stash of weed, then decide to grow their own instead. Believe it or not, even church groups have not found Black Jesus to be blasphemous.

Maybe he’s just too cool to not like. Either way, if this episode doesn’t shock you, you can settle in for the whole season.

Death Punch



Eagleheart is the ultimate Texas ranger, taking no prisoners – and often causing his partners to die as a result. That’s why he has two, so there’s a spare. Seriously.

But if you want to see this insane show really turn the dials, Death Punch is the episode to watch. After Eagleheart kills a drug dealer with the titular punch, his guilt drives him to adopt the criminal’s family.

It takes less than a day for things to get totally out of control and not even grandma is safe. Then again, that’s just pretty standard for Eagleheart.

Weekend at Presley’s

Black Dynamite

Black Dynamite

We can’t give you the other title for this episode, not if we want to keep our jobs. Richard Nixon is tired of black people, so he arranges for their neighbourhoods to be flooded with drugs.

But instead, they sell the drugs to white people and use the money to improve their lives. Now faced with a drug epidemic in white suburbs, Nixon enlists the help of Elvis to stop the flood of drugs.

Somewhere among all of this is Black Dynamite, who will eventually solve the problem by kicking everyone before going back to the whorephanage. We’re not making any of this up.

The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home



Making fun of police procedural shows is easy, which might explain why NTSF:SD:SUV frequently goes off the deep end, such as brutally maiming every guest star who is inevitably the villain.

How can you top that? Maybe start with a blood-gushing opening scene, followed by death by eel and gnome impalement, all to take on an arch nemesis called Man Van Damme. That should do it – until the next episode.

Gangsta’s Paradise

The Jellies

The Jellies

What can we expect from a cartoon created by alternative rapper Tyler the Creator? Hard to say, but a retirement home run by Xzibit where he imprisons former superstars wasn’t one of them.

Then again, did anyone predict the plot where the main character has a sex change so that his friend has someone to take to the prom? And this is the first episode of the season…

Rick Potion #9

Rick and Morty

rick and morty

Wow, how to choose. What is the most shocking episode of Rick and Morty’s first season? One contender was certainly when Morty impregnates a sex robot. But Rick Potion #9 takes the cake.

What starts as a harmless attempt by Morty to seduce his school crush, aided with a bit of grandpa Rick’s love potion turns into a nightmare that would eventually create the Cronenberg Universe: a world of disfigured monsters that eat each other. And we’ve not even mentioned how Rick and Morty manage to solve their dilemma.

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The most shocking episodes from Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Samurai Jack and more!