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Now WISPs can receive payments even faster

ISP billing framework Splynx has integrated with payment gateway Sage Pay to assist telecoms in receiving payments even faster.

Splynx, which boasts close to 100 active clients in South Africa, is fully integrated with different network equipment vendors, payment gateways, and accounting systems, of which Sage Pay is their latest partner integration. Moreover, it is worth noting that Splynx already have integrated more than 15 payments gateways among them Bitpay, Payfast, PayU, PayPal, Authorize Stripe, Wepaym, GoCardless.

According to Splynx, the integration with Sage Pay also forms part of Splynx’s efforts to become the top billing management software in Africa. Sage Payment Solution is a leading payments provider to small and medium sized businesses throughout South Africa, and offers simple and secure online payment solutions. Thanks to this integration, ISPs can now receive payments via Sage Pay using Splynx.

Splynx’s easy installation and fully integrated Sage Pay payment processing allows service providers to streamline all AP processes. Its online portal allows you to give subscribers multiple payment options, supports refunds in Splynx admin as well as the ability to instantly post payments to their accounts. Customers can pay online via credit card and bank account 24 hours a day.

With Sage Pay, direct, automatic payment billing systems provide the functionality to capture credit card or debit card information and automatic payment methods on a monthly basis. Customer records will be instantly updated – allowing you to run a full report on their account (including the most up-to-date payment information).

“We are always keeping pace with the forecast demand in the latest technologies and investing a good part of the profit back into research and development,” said Splynx. “We understand what improvements and innovations are needed for an ISP to be advanced and successful and provide help for broadband providers to become high-end companies.”

As an ISP billing software framework, Splynx provides many useful functions in their software framework, including billing, invoicing, central configuration and monitoring of equipment, hotspot billing, and client portals.

One of the many advantages Splynx offers is that the system can be customised, as it consists of a powerful set of modules and open application interfaces (APIs). For administrators this means almost unlimited possibilities of customising the software.

According to Splynx the software was built considering every need or concern an ISP may have, regardless of whether the ISP is seeking a software solution for network management, system configuration, billing or radius server management.

Product features

The product features listed in the Splynx framework are detailed below.

  • Billing and invoicing: Splynx offer a powerful invoicing and billing engine tailored to specific telecoms’ needs that automates financial customer relationships. It manages transactions, invoices, payments, and proforma invoices with a different type of billing – recurring payments and prepaid.
  • Bandwidth management: Within Splynx, ISPs can manage and shape traffic data from the network. Main features include FUP management, CAP configuration, contentions, aggregations, queues for speed limitation, network monitoring, and network weather maps.
  • Radius server: Splynx’s radius server is used to perform administrative and customer’s AAA tasks. It is an easy-to-use administration and billing solution for MikroTik, Cisco, Ubiquiti, and other platforms. The radius server runs on Linux with advanced features for companies of all sizes.
  • Inventory management: There might be thousands of items in the stock list of a modern telecom company, and it is difficult to keep this list actual without using special management software. Inventory module in Splynx allows providers to seamlessly handle this task. It’s optimized for use with barcode scanners, which means you can spend less time managing your inventory and more time managing your business.
  • Customer portal: Customer portal lets ISPs collaborate and work better with clients. Your users can get support and notifications, change plans, check usage or pay online using their credit card or a payment gateway account.

For more information, visit the Splynx website.

This article was published in partnership with Splynx.

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Now WISPs can receive payments even faster