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Get money back for utilising Microsoft Azure via AxizCloud

Industry leading IT value added distributor Axiz kicked off its’ Microsoft CSP partner incentive campaign in August last year, to all its’ channel partners.

Traci Maynard, Microsoft Executive at Axiz confirms that, “This incentive rewards all AxizCloud registered partners with a percentage of their earnings for simply selling Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) seats and creating new tenants with specific focus on Microsoft’s Azure platform.”

“By focusing this incentive on Azure tenants and net new customer adds, the incentive is aligned with the Microsoft FY19 goals and business objectives. Whilst the launch of the Microsoft datacenters in South Africa has been delayed by Microsoft (read the story here), this is set to go live within this quarter”, she concludes.

How to qualify for the Microsoft CSP Partner incentive

In order to qualify for the rewards, customers need to follow these easy steps:

  • Visit AxizCloud to view their offerings.
  • Become an AxizCloud reseller by registering here.
  • Sell seats within the threshold detailed in the table below.

Seat thresholds and percentage back

Seat Threshold Reward (% back)
400 2.0%
600 2.5%
800 3.0%
1,000 3.5%
1,200 4.0%

Terms and conditions

Axiz resellers need to add a minimum of 3 new CSP end customer adds (3 new tenants) per threshold, and a minimum of 3 new Azure CSP customer adds (3 new tenants) per threshold in order to qualify. An Azure add-on will not qualify.

“New” means new to CSP, meaning a switch from Microsoft Online (MOSA) or Open will qualify.

Customer seats must remain active with AxizCloud for a minimum of 18 months in order to ensure that the company earns their percentage back.

The credit percentage changes as the number of seats sold hits each threshold. The percentage credit is not cumulative and may not be combined with any other Axiz CSP Incentive.

Should a customer cancel their CSP license during the campaign period, it will not count towards the customer earnings.

The incentive is applicable to active subscriptions only, and resellers with an AxizCloud account must ensure it is up to date to qualify. Suspended and trial licenses do not qualify. Academic, non-profit, and charity SKUs will also be excluded from this offer.

Percentage back will be issued as an AxizCloud voucher to redeem as a method of payment OR the voucher can be banked on the AxizCloud portal for later use – which is valid for 90 days after the voucher is awarded.

At the end of the campaign Axiz will do a reconciliation to validate results; any cancelled licenses and their values will be deducted.  This partner incentive is valid from 7 January to 28 February 2019, and the final seat count on 5 March 2019 determines the seat count. Credit will be passed on to winners by 5 April 2019.

For any queries, or to become a CSP reseller with Axiz, customers can register here, or contact the Axiz Microsoft team via [email protected], or call Michele Oehley on 083 636 8049.

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Get money back for utilising Microsoft Azure via AxizCloud