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Printers – the gap in your data protection

With ever-evolving technological advances in the digital era, it’s inevitable that the cyber-threat landscape will evolve with it, placing more organisations at increased risk of a data breach.

While you may think your network is secured from top to bottom, it is possible that you could still have endpoint gaps in your IT hardware.

One reason why there may be gaps is because of inadequate print security. Many companies overlook printers as they seem inconsequential when it comes to network security. However, if your printers aren’t secure, nothing is safe.

Printers pose a major risk, especially because most companies disregard the importance of securing their printing environment.

What many don’t realise is that printers often carry sensitive information, whether stored on the printer or in transit.

When that information is accessed by an unauthorised user due to poor print security, the organisation will have to face certain consequences.

Some of those consequences include paying a massive fine, or possibly having to close its doors in respect of recent POPI and GDPR regulations.

Deploy the right equipment

One way to avoid a data breach and facing such consequences is by deploying the right IT equipment throughout your network, including the printing environment.

To do so, organisations need a reliable and trustworthy partner who can guide them through the technological evolution and help them deploy the right equipment and secure their printing environment.

Introstat is a trusted advisor and supplier of HP products, and can help safeguard your business from a cyber-attack offering you peace of mind to take your business further.

To find out more, visit the Introstat webpage or contact Introstat sales to discuss how you can arm your business with secure hardware.

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Printers – the gap in your data protection