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Keep your devices at the right temperature using DrayTek’s USB Thermometer

Excessive heat can reduce the performance of your digital devices – both in the short and long terms.

The effect of heat on digital devices is well-known in the technology world. For this reason, high-end gaming systems include powerful fans, or even liquid cooling.

This is also why data centres and large server rooms are expected to consistently run air conditioning to moderate the temperature of these rooms.

In the short-term, an over-heating device will not be able to perform at the same level as if it was running at a moderate temperature.

In the long-term, devices that are consistently exposed to excessive heat will become less reliable and more prone to developing faults.

DrayTek USB Thermometer

The new DrayTek USB Thermometer is ideal for monitoring the temperature of rooms where your digital devices are running.

It connects directly to a wide range of DrayTek routers and WiFi access points through the USB ports on these devices.

The outer sensor cable then accurately measures the temperature of the room – helping you keep track of whether the room is at an acceptable temperature for your devices.

The DrayTek USB Thermometer integrates with the Vigor router’s user interface to show an instant temperature record graph, as well as the maximum and minimum temperatures the room has reached.

You can also set SMS or email notifications to send an alert if the temperature gets too high or too low.

Data can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and can measure temperatures ranging from -40 to +125 degrees Celsius – which covers all possible temperatures that your device could possibly be functioning at.

To learn more about the DrayTek USB Thermometer, visit its product page here and contact SD Group on +27 21 300 1330, or visit

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Keep your devices at the right temperature using DrayTek’s USB Thermometer