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Safeguard your business’ data with secure HP computers

Computer users are regularly under attack from malicious online parties, seeking to steal their data or attack their performance.

Even Facebook users are not necessarily safe from having their PC security breached, as evidenced by Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

But it’s not only the big players who are the targets of hackers and cybercriminals.

According to Cybint Solutions, 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, and 64% of all companies have experienced online attacks.

Verizon, meanwhile, suggests that 58% of malware attack victims are small businesses.

It is therefore incredibly important for PC users to ensure that their computers are protected from cybercriminals.

It is estimated that about $1 trillion will be spent on cybersecurity worldwide over the next three years.

It is therefore incredibly important that you don’t neglect this crucial element of your business.

If businesses fail to implement sufficient security measures, they risk exposing the company’s private data to a variety of other parties, including competitors.

Alternatively, they could lose their data altogether.

HP’s Business Security Solutions

HP’s Business PC Security solutions are designed to keep your business computers safe.

HP PCs are the most secure in the world, and offer business users a variety of security options that protect their devices against all sorts of attacks.

One of these tools is HP Sure Start, which protects against LoJax and other sophisticated BIOS and UEFI attacks.

HP Sure Start will help you to protect your PC by utilising hardware-enforced, self-healing protection.

HP Sure Run also offers self-healing functionality, and will ensure that your critical applications remain running – even when malware tries to shut them down.

Sure Recover is HP’s data restoration tool, which allows PC users to return to the latest image of their computer through a network connection.

HP also endeavours to protect their customers’ data, including the implementation of HP Sure Click, which protects your PC from PDF files infected with malware and viruses.

Up to three authentication factors are available to HP business users, and are enforced by Intel’s Authenticate Technology.

Buy HP PCs from Introstat

Introstat is a trusted advisor and supplier of HP business computers, and is perfectly positioned to assist South African businesses in the important task of protecting themselves from malicious online actors.

Introstat has been operating since 1989 and remains a pivotal player in IT development in South Africa.

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This article was published in partnership with Introstat.

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Safeguard your business’ data with secure HP computers