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6 useful tips to start your printers off right in 2019

By Cheryl Otstott

Happy New Year!  We hope you had a prosperous 2018 and to ensure you start off right in the New Year here are 6 useful tips to make sure your Xerox Printer or Multifunction Device is ready for a productive 2019.

  1. Make sure to clean your machine. Find instructions for cleaning in the User manual or on the support page for your machine. Find videos walking you through cleaning on the support page for your machine or on the Xerox Support channel on YouTube.
  2. Check your supplies and make sure you have any you might need on hand.
  3. Investigate signing up for automatic meter reads and supplies replenishment if you are not yet enrolled in the program.
  4. Look at the Drivers and Download page for your machine and see if there are any firmware updates or new drivers that you might want to use.
  5. Navigate over to our security page and bookmark the page so that you can check back periodically for any news about security on your machine.
  6. While you are bookmarking pages, consider bookmarking our Customer Support Community Forum page and signing up as a participant. Bookmark or subscribe to this blog, At Your Service, for fun and interesting information about your machine. Follow us at Xerox Support on Twitter. Finally subscribe to your YouTube Xerox Support channel.

Now you are ready to ring in the New Year.

For more information, visit the Bytes Document Solutions website.

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6 useful tips to start your printers off right in 2019